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Flash 5.0

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 04 08:29:43 EST 2002 | jax

Is there something I need to do to keep the Flash 5.0 download menu from popping up on my screen every few minutes? I have a higher version already loaded and do no want to download 5.0, but the constant prompting to do so is annoying.

high speed PCB frequency range

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 02 06:30:04 EDT 2016 | technotronix

I think it is normally from 4.0 to 5.0

Soldermask registration capability.

Electronics Forum | Wed May 19 10:35:37 EDT 1999 | Jeffrey L. Gumm

Trying to find a manufacturer with the capability to hold a registration tolerance of +/- .001" in LPISM. To be done on ceramic substrates, with a maximum panel size of 5.0" x 7.0".

Cpk For 0201 Placement

Electronics Forum | Sat Jan 29 23:55:58 EST 2005 | KEN

I recently ran a process evaluation (Print/ P&P /Reflow) and was plesently surprised with a 5.0 sigma process or 250ppm. Attrition was under 1%. Keep in mind this is defects counted Post-reflow. The most signifficant defect was tombstoning / draw-

Uneven solder reflow

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 17 18:42:49 EST 2007 | Richard

I'm trying to get an even solder coating onto a retangular shaped ceramic substrate (5.0mm x1.83mm), but the solder tends to pool on the short side of the substrate.

DEK HORIZON 265 Squeege Pressure question

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 06 08:23:53 EST 2019 | dekhead

If it is always showing 5.0Kg as the "target" value on the error on the first print then yes there is a problem. Are you certain that it is accomplishing the requested (12Kg ?) on the prints thereafter? Does it do Heights calibration (no tools requir

DEK HORIZON 265 Squeege Pressure question

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 06 06:34:26 EST 2019 | kylehunter

We have a DEK HORIZON 265 that seems to be having an issue with the pressure setting for the squeeges. It seems to have an override making the set point of the squeege pressure always be 5kg. I have it set to 12kg, but on the first print, it errors

IPC-A-610B Section 5.0 Cleanliness

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 16 20:29:27 EST 1999 | Bob Bartolotta

In Section 5.1 Flux Residues, 5.2 Particulate matter 5.3 Chlorides and Carbonates & White Residues, I am assuming that these boards have been through some type of cleaning step. Hot water, saponifier, air dryed and the pictures illustrate unacceptab

Flash 5.0

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 04 16:45:40 EST 2002 | bdoyle

Saying "yes" to that dialog box shouldn't have any adverse effects. Its just the flash player (I thought 5 was the latest version) .It is for some of the newer ads that are appearing. By switching to flash for many of these banners we are able to l

Soldering problem with Au plating PCB

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 04 06:26:20 EST 2009 | sachu_70

Hi Peter, The defect you observe during the second side reflow could be caused due to improper Au plating thickness in the PCB fabrication process. You can refer IPC-2221 wherein plating thicknes for ENIG mentions 0.08um to 0.23um for Immersion Gold,

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