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Placement Equipment for 17 x 23 Backplanes?

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 17 09:49:02 EST 1999 | Forrge

We are starting to place SMT resistors and caps (1206) on large backplances, (17" x 23"). The mix of parts are low, just a few different part numbers at this time. The volume of boards is also low, 50-200 per week. I am looking for recommendati

AOI-problems lifted lead on qfp-100

Electronics Forum | Sat Oct 02 06:26:51 EDT 2010 | patejl

Thanks for your feedback, both of you. But my problem is that we have high mix and low volume its obout 50-200 pieces. And we also have manual paste priter so the solder on the pad look always diferent. I believe that there is the problem but I cano


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