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IPC specification.

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 27 22:40:54 EST 2002 | ericchua

Hi, Who can tell me where to look for IPC specification. Thanks.....

IPC specification.

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 28 02:23:15 EST 2002 | ianchan

go to : http://www.ipc.org

Nutek NTM 410L-500-1

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 30 11:52:51 EST 2013 | mccabekev

We have a Nutek NTM 410L-500-1 sitting between our screen printer and p&p machine. The problem we are having is that this conveyor will constantly show board ready unless the red button is held down. What we really need is the board to stop at the

Nutek NTM 410L-500-1

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 30 14:07:58 EST 2013 | markhoch

Have you tried contacting Nutek Customer Service? They should be able to help you. http://www.nutek.com/

Trouble reworking Xilinx 4044XL BGA chip

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 17 20:33:19 EST 2001 | davef

The corner balls are supposed to collapse, but at roughly the same time as the other balls collapse. Also, those balls are located in the place that isthe easiest to get hot. Think about cranking-up the bottom heat, waiting, and slowing down the pr

Have you used these equipment?

Electronics Forum | Thu May 10 14:12:43 EDT 2007 | smtfan

Hi folks, This is my first time posting here. So I do not know clearly if I am posting in the right place. I have two questions: 1. I would like to know your comments about the following equipment (see links): http://www.madelltech.com/MD5001.html

Screen Printer Selection

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 05 23:24:56 EST 2020 | neosroger

I would like to request your expertise on which pasta printer to purchase: MPM Momentum + EKRA XPRT 3 Both of them are refurbished/ reaconditoned. The MPM includes several perpetual Software licenses but it is almost double the price of the EKRA

Solder paste high measurement

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 03 13:46:46 EDT 2010 | davef

2 Benchtop paste inspection * Synapse 3D Master 3000neo Desktop SPI Machine [Synapse Imaging; Room#102-505, SK VENTIUM, 522, Dangjeong, Gunpo-si, Gyeonggi, South Korea; 82 3 1436 0430 http://www.synapseimaging.co.kr] * ZC1000 [PTS System (S) Pte Ltd


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