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2275 Gen Rad Test

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 31 20:17:19 EST 2001 | davef

Programmers are: Intrinsic Quality (HP≥nRad) 708.259.5060fax5399 Solution Sources Programming (HP≥nRad) 408-487-0270 Fax 0288 Modem 0287 http://www.ssprog.com They will be happy to suggest fixture fabricators

Scrap criteria

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 20 15:37:24 EDT 2005 | intermin

Well, at that value point, I'd go with the hourly ( unburdoned ) high-skill rework/repair rate up to 50%-60% of the board value. If this is part of an integrated system ( in-house assembly ) repair to value ratio could go even higher.


Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 23 15:34:59 EDT 2008 | jeffjarmato

Thanks Bob, My email is jarmato@nbscorp.com My mobile phone is 951-216-5060

Wave Solder Question

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 30 16:26:54 EDT 2013 | jorge_quijano

It has about 50-60%, we do not have equipmet to get an accurate measurement, touch up is what we are doing for now.

Land Grid Array soldering

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 25 09:15:18 EDT 2016 | soldertools

Hi Adamjs! Flux or paste is controlled at a depth of 50-60% per cent of the ball diameter prior to placement of a BGA or to place a PoP component on to a board or other device. For more details visit us at Soldertools.net

First time Pick and Place Machine

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 18 09:56:20 EDT 2017 | svfeingold

Tsvetan that really is an amazing machine. I have looked at it but assumed it was way out of my price range. Is it really possible to get a new machine with 50-60 feeders for under $100k? That sounds like a steal. What is the maximum component heig

Pick & Place Machine Life Cycle

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 15 09:25:40 EDT 2018 | reckless

What about their dual gantry 10 head chip shooter machines? They seem to be going around $50-60k used.

TO99 age and reliability

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 24 12:42:25 EST 2001 | traviss

I�m suddenly getting a very high failure rate in a TO99 component (National LM136AH-2.5). After some investigation we found some of these parts are more than 20 years old. What I am hoping for is that someone out there can help me find some standards

Boards getting

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 03 04:33:39 EDT 2005 | aj

if you have enough free space at the edge of the board you could try some titanium supports, I have to use these on some products to prevent warping. Also, in relation to profile and I know there are a lot of variables to consider but is 225 not a b

ERSA versa as alternative to wave soldering in low vol high mix

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 29 11:47:25 EDT 2005 | stalkerb

Do you have expierience of this type of Machine. approx how many product types are you running on your wave/ersa...? and approx batch sizes We have had a 5060 for about 1 year and it has been a revalation. your input is appreciatted as i am consi

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