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Is anyone running 36in or larger boards thru SMT?

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 22 10:04:38 EST 2015 | bobulator

Yes, SJ Innotech makes long board printers. Lengths they have are 680mm (26.8"), 850mm (33.4"), 1000mm (39.3"), and 1300mm (51.1"). We sell them in North America, go to ApexFA.com for our website and contact info, or PM me.

Re: Thermal testing

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 24 11:29:50 EDT 1999 | Matt Stump

| Hi | Could anyone tell me where i can find information, in the literature or on the Web, concerning measurements of temperature distribution, expansion, stresses in the substrate and heat sink and on the interface between them, that is all the rang


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