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inspection system

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 29 12:18:01 EDT 2003 | jgregory

Pete, I have to disagree with your statement regarding 3D Xray not being a good source of determining solder volume. The Agilent 5DX is absolutely fantastic at determining volume. However, cost of the system makes it not very practical. Jason

Re: inspection methods

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 18 19:41:24 EDT 1999 | KEVIN SIMPSON

| How are you inspecting pcbs post-reflow, are you inspecting all or sampling. The type of assembly involved would be mainly chip components with a mix of actives and a few 25mil and under pitch. | If you sample what are your fault rates looking lik

What is the rootcause for BGA Lifted PAD after reflow

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 09 06:37:42 EDT 2008 | roc2x

Hi, After reflow process we do Automatic inspection and after that direct to 5DX machine to check all the solder joints and we detected it at 5DX inspection. This card havent go to any testing.

Help me find Manufacturer of XRAY Machine

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 13 02:59:09 EDT 2007 | X-ray tester

5DX is good. Here some information for the Agilent 5DX machine -Automated X-ray Inspection- http://www.home.agilent.com/USeng/nav/-536900435.0/pc.html

PBGA open connection

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 03 09:23:55 EDT 2006 | kenscj

We are encountering BGA solder open connection. At Functional Test, the board failed. Debug guy diagnosed this BGA open connection (2 locations), by using multimeter. Under 5DX inspection, there is connection. Take the board for localised reflow at

Agilent 5DX

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 30 05:43:24 EDT 2001 | andy

Hi - I'm looking at 5DX as a method for inspecting BGA joints and would like to hear from anyone with knowledge of this system . Can you tell me how reliable you have found it to be in catching BGA opens ? ...... also any other comments you may have

How to Differentiate Class 3 and Class 2 products in terms of process

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 29 23:35:42 EST 2014 | abhilash4788

Dear All, I'm just a budding engineer in EMS field. Here we used to manufacture different classes of PCBA. I would like to know about different process that need to be considered while manufacturing class 3 product. If we are going for microscopic

Middle Height Splice

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 21 09:03:30 EST 2002 | jax

Daniel, The 5DX can indeed. You program the inspection height just like you would any other measurement.

X-ray capabilities needed for Xilinix 1152-ball BGA

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 03 13:03:15 EST 2005 | -Steve-

It's come time to upgrade our Glenbrook RTX-113 x-ray with something that has a little more "balls", as it were. I've been looking at their 90KV "Jewel Box", figuring that has enough power to keep us in the game for the future. But in speaking with

What is the rootcause for BGA Lifted PAD after reflow

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 11 09:35:07 EDT 2008 | grics

Out of curiosity, what is your top side peak temp @ reflow? Have you inspected the boards prior to SMT (at your 5DX machine?) Also, have you tried to run the board through reflow with out any parts or bga placed and inspected? I how long are you in

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