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0.45-10.5 GHz 2 way Power Divider

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 02 05:25:01 EDT 2017 | pandamw

Model : PD045105-2S 50 Ohm 2 way SMA-Female Power Divider From 0.45 to 10.5 GHz Rated at 30 Watts; 10.5GHz, SMA-Female Power Divider; Insertion Loss 1.0dB; Isolation 20dB; Operating Temperature -40 to +70℃. Frequency Range | GHz : 0.45-10.5 Impeda

No-clean flux and high freq. applications?

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 07 23:30:13 EST 2007 | KEN

I have a customer who runs A-D applications with 5GHz analog and it is 100% no clean. The only answer that will be acceptable is what works for your circuit design.

Dk tester

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 05 19:26:33 EST 2018 | jaisabaigroup

I plan to have a new Dk tester in my Lab. What is the optimum Dk tester range in current industry between 1 GHz and 5 GHz?

High frequency application V.S no clean flux

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 08 03:09:12 EDT 2002 | Benny

Hi all How can I find the technical paper or source of information about using No-clean flux with high frequency apllication. High frequency mean more than 2 GHz - 5 GHz. I heard from my colleague that No-clean flux residue on board effect to high

BGA rework using Tacky Flux

Electronics Forum | Sat Jan 21 16:36:19 EST 2006 | gipos

Hi James, You can use the same flux for micro BGAs.The 529D we used for rework of high freq. CSPs and even w/out cleaning it still worked on 2.5GHz.We have not washed the flux for 6 months and the RF features of the circuits remain the same. No chan

Re: RF applications..aqueos vs. no clean..HELP!!!!

Electronics Forum | Sat Mar 27 12:36:34 EST 1999 | Scott Cook

| Hi, | I have a customer who's electronic assemblies produce RF. He is insisting upon aqueuos cleaning. We switched to a no clean solder years ago and no longer have an aqueous system. | Is aqueous cleaning necessary to eliminate 'cross talk' of


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