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Fuji Pick and Place Machines

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 01 16:12:49 EDT 2004 | gregf912

The 10k rebuild does not need to be applied every 3-4 months as previosly stated. A cp machine that is running 100% of the time on a 24/7 basis will tack up 10k hours in 12.4 months. Now we all know that this is impossible due to parts shortages, pro

SMT Solder paste and wave flux evaluation

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 28 12:18:32 EST 2005 | Chunks

Your best bet is to do a decision making matrix. Each company has so many different criteria�s it's hard to pick out which one might be important to yours. Simply pick out your top 5 paste manufactures. Next decide what your "Eliminators" are - th

Foam fluxer maintenance, storage and cleaning

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 09 09:44:22 EST 2015 | davef

Purpose. This describes setting-up a wave soldering system set-up for a new assembly design or checking a wave solder machine operation with a test board. Applicability. To be used for new design printed circuit assembles and during machine accept


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