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Please HELP! TO220 Lead Forming

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 24 12:15:24 EST 2003 | zaxx007

Hi Kevin, Hepco makes a small unit called a Hepco 3000-2, with the right die set this should be no problem. The unit should retail for around $600.00USD, have a good day. Sincerely, Zack Schmad factory-automation@cox.net

Re: Fuji FGL manual needed

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 11 17:24:56 EDT 2000 | Robert

Yes I'm interested. What did you have in mind? Yes it is an FGL 1. Unfortunately I did not get it for free. I paid $800.00 for the machine & $600.00 for shipping. Also there no syringes and there are some cards missing and I'm not sure what shou


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