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IPC782 and SMT Plus pattern libraries

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 08 19:32:52 EDT 1999 | Tom Reilly

FYI, Yes, it is true SMT Plus [ http://www.smtplus.com/ ]does not meet IPC 782 standards but is that the goal here or to meet IPC-A-610 standards for manufacturing? I agree that patterns do cause some problems if created to maximum IPC standards but

Thinking of changing Pick and Place from Quads

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 09 17:22:09 EST 2015 | tombstonesmt

I couldn't be more pleased with Panasonic. We've upgraded from MPAV's and MSR's to CM602/DT401 and now their NPM platform. NPM's are extremely fast and accurate. Their auto pickup position teach is great especially if you're running any 0402 2mm pit

Are there pick and place machines for loose components?

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 31 09:36:17 EDT 2009 | spitkis2

Does anyone know of fully automatic pick and place machines that can pick up parts either from small pieces of cut tape (i.e. 0402's, 0603's, SOT's) or components loosely arranged on a tray (not ic's that are in matrix trays)? Application is proto


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