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Nicolet CXI 3600 CSCE

Nicolet CXI 3600 CSCE

Used SMT Equipment | X-Ray Inspection

1999 Nicolet CXI 3600 CSCE X-Ray Approx. Dimensions: 130" x 60" x 60" Item Location: Laval, QC Canada Serial: 3696

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Ersa IR_PL650A

Ersa IR_PL650A

Used SMT Equipment | Repair/Rework

Rework station with IR bottom preheater and top convection heater. Camera up/down looking for place BGA. Side view camera for see soldering process. Max PCB size 460x560 mm Max IC size 60x60 mm Accuracy +-10um Very good condition as new. We ar


Europlacer EP600

Europlacer EP600

Used SMT Equipment | Pick and Place/Feeders

Heads: 1 rotary head on X/Y gantry with 8 pick ups & a 40 position ‘smart’ nozzle bank Rate: 9 100 cph (IPC: 7 750 cph) Components: 0201 to 50x50mm Pitch: 0.3mm (QFP), 0.4mm (µBGA) Accuracy: 40µm (QFP’s) @ 3 sigma 75µm (Chips) @ 3 sigma (

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