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Re: test socket

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 07 22:35:18 EST 1999 | Chris G

| I'm looking for some SMT test sockets. Could you tell me who can do a similar job as Ironwood Electronics, Inc.? Thanks. | Dorothy, Try these nunbers or web sites. I have only used Azimuth and they did a good job for me. I had Azimuth make a cu

Has anyone heard of z scan bar code feeder system?

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 27 17:42:15 EDT 2000 | JD of Panasonic Create

Have you heard of them and where can I get information on their systems? Sincerely, J.D. jtalken@panasonicfa.com

Re: double sided reflow

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 22 14:04:03 EDT 2000 | John Thorup

Hi Jason - I'll second (third?) everything said. Wassink's bible is available in the US from the SMTA bookstore with free shipping. It's pricey but worth every penny. 612/920-7682 www.smta.org jesse@smta.org John Thorup

Re: Now, to find a source....

Electronics Forum | Mon May 08 17:19:52 EDT 2000 | John Thorup

Hello Steve Most of these are available from the SMTA bookstore in Minnesota. 612/920-7682 www.smta.org There is a discount if you are a member and they offer free UPS ground shipping. Cast my vote for Klein-Wassink John Thorup

Yield levels

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 18 12:37:00 EDT 2002 | slthomas

"On the average we touch up about 6 - 12% of all solder joints." Do you mean at least one joint on 6-12% of all your boards, maybe? Sorry, I can be dense....

Comtra Belt Feeders

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 05 16:41:53 EDT 2006 | flipit

This is from 1995/96 time frame. I believe they sold their business to Philips and now Assembleon. Good luck! Comtra Systems, Inc. 2585 North Fairview Ave. Roseville, MN 55113 612-633-4084 800-936-6286

Juki KE-740 Printer

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 08 15:06:52 EST 2009 | jti

Is it possible to use an HP Deskjet 612C inkjet printer on a Juki KE-740 (or do I need to use a dot matrix?) TIA Rich

high speed PCB frequency range

Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 11 07:58:17 EDT 2016 | davef

IPC-2252 - Design Guide for RF/Microwave Circuit Boards IPC-2251 - Design Guide for the Packaging of High Speed Electronic Circuits IPC-2141A - Design Guide for High-Speed Controlled Impedance Circuit Boards IPC design standards https://portal.ip

Vapor Phase Ovens

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 14 21:11:07 EST 2001 | davef

Try ... 1 Used equipment resellers 2 R&D Technical Services (Centech) 12261 Suite A Nicollet Ave S Burnsville, MN 55337 (612) 707-1931 fax 6739 sales@rdtechnicalservices 3 Concoat Ltd Alsasan House, Albany Park Camberley GU15 2PL UK +44 (0) 1276 6


Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 07 14:59:52 EST 2000 | Erhard Hofmann

Is the manufacturer of vapor phase ovens, Centech Corporation, Minneapolis, still existing? I tried a phone number I found in a manual (612/881-8245), it has no connection, I did not find any sign on the internet. Can anyone help me to find them for

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