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baking PWB standard??

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 26 07:44:06 EDT 2008 | davef

Industry-wide, there is no current requirement for baking of bare boards. It adds no value. * IPC-HDBK-001 has guidelines olden times. * IPC-TM-650 has several test methods to determine moisture resistance to both liquid immersion and absorption from

Bubbles in Conformal Coating

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 22 09:04:22 EST 2009 | mefloump

Humiseal recommends a 1 to 1 mix ratio of 1B31 and Thinner 521. I have for that I need to thin my ratio more to get humiseal to spray correctly in our PVA650. Also I am using Humiseal 1B73 but the tech data sheets say the same for spraying. Try thinn

Masking tape

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 22 08:51:07 EST 2009 | mefloump

We use green painters masking tape. Comes off easy and doesn't leave a residue. The blue colored masking tape works well also but tears too easily. Ours runs through and IR oven to cure the coating after it runs in our PVA650 and we have not seen and

Low Silver Solder Problems

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 25 06:11:13 EDT 2009 | ghepo

Eric, use the TM 650 test method annexed. Don't forget to perform many test on many PCB (TOP and BOTTOM)on PADs in several position (at 4 corners and at the center) and obviously in the faulty position. Don't forget to change every time the tape. V

Bubbles in conformal coat

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 10 15:01:28 EDT 2009 | mefloump

I currently spray DOW 2620 with my PVA650 without any problems. I do not thin it but I do have a distance between the coating machine and IR oven to provide a flash off period. I notice bubbles only when the flash off time is too short and the coatin

PathMaster Program

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 26 08:26:07 EDT 2011 | edmaya33

Anybody here with extensive knowledge with PVA650/2400SF coating robot? I wanted to know the semi perfect settings for my FCS-300 valves. Anybody can share their thoughts. Tank Pressure: Atomized Pressure: Path Speed: Path Distance: Height: Valve op

Ionic Cleanliness

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 19 18:25:42 EDT 2012 | boriskilk

We have picked up a new customer who is insisting on Ionic cleanliness less than 6.45u grams/cm2 when measured in accordance with OPC-TM-650 Method 3.26.1 with measurements made immediately prior to solder mask application. This is the first request

I am looking for an IPC spec for intentional PCB warp

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 23 08:31:34 EST 2014 | proceng1

I know the contract rules, but this is idiotic. I did find the 10.2.6 spec already, but I had not looked at the TM-650. I'll check that out, thanks. I also may have found another part that has a better clearance, so I also hope to use these specs

Electromigration Testing

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 28 10:03:22 EDT 2004 | davef

First, welcome to your new job. Second, IPC-TM-650 2.6.14 is only loosely an �Ionic Contamination (Electromigration) Test�. * Electromigration Test, IPC TM 650 2.6.14, * Ion Chromatography for Ionic Cleanliness, IPC TM 650 2.3.28 Third, I

Re: Residue/Cure Testing Of Solder Mask

Electronics Forum | Sat May 30 08:24:09 EDT 1998 | Dave F

We recently made the switch to no-clean and the wurface mount is turning out beautifully. However, the wave solder process continues to put up a fight; we are getting a white residue on the surface of the PCB. The residue is not locali

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