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webcam self recording with memory and battery

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 05 17:12:13 EST 2012 | davef

Yes, we're all amazed when the nightly news announcer requests that we call the crime fighters hotline to ID the perp [closely resembling a garbage bag filled with potatoes] that was 'taped' on such high quality video while pistol-whipping a clerk at

Warming up solder paste at start of days production

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 26 21:25:19 EDT 2004 | KEN

I have seen as little gain as 2 months and even up to 6 months additional time to end-of life. Treat solder paste as a perishible item. Note DOM and Refridgeration life and expiration periods. You guys crack me up....now when ever I go to 7-11 I'l

Axial Resistors in ammo tape, any machine out there to cut different lengths of tape

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 10 20:32:03 EST 2022 | Claude_Couture

That was my first tool I made for that purpose, a mini guillotine with marks showing quantities of 7, 11, etc, that they needed. Pull tape to mark, cut, repeat... After tens of thousands, it gets old. Also repetitive injuries became a factor.

APEX Venue!!

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 07 15:38:53 EST 2007 | Michael Konrad

I know Los Angeles was not a favorite destination for many visitors but some facts remain clear: APEX Southern California featured 446 exhibitors in 161,400 square feet of exhibition hall. APEX Southern California had a total of 5,087 verified at


Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 21 17:44:32 EDT 2002 | davef

Splitting hairs, I expect SIR of all solderability protection, including OSP, to decrease after reflow. What�s more, I expect the SIR of all solderability protection to pretty much decrease over time. The �comb pattern� test specimens meet requirem

Re: Fond Farwell II (Why I hate aggresive sales and marketing)

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 19 13:05:31 EDT 1999 | Bob

Steve, Like you, I am sick, sick, sick of marketing. I can't go on the Internet, to a ball game or my local 7-11 without being bombarded with marketing. 7-11? Would you belive I went there to buy a Sunday paper yesterday and now they have a 27" mo

Re: Cleaning procedures for Entek-Plus Cu-106A

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 20 22:09:03 EDT 1999 | Earl Moon

| | I am wondering if anyone has any info regarding solder paste misprint clean-up procedures for Entek Plus CU-106A PCB's utilizing a water-clean solder paste. In a implementation procedure they recommend a 2-3 minute wash cycle with the following


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