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Leadfree Rework

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 29 09:31:19 EST 2015 | swag

We use tips I think they are like 725F. So the rework is probably mid 600's and up to 725 max. Can't say if that's "the best" but we do a lot of ROHS and that's we we do with good results.

Motorola MC44011FN

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 16 03:50:52 EDT 2000 | Chris May

Has anybody out there got any surplus of these devices??? Regards, Chris

Adjustable Reflow Pallets

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 29 20:09:03 EDT 2002 | russ

i have had great success with S.P. precision in the past. 1-800-725-5388 Talk to Chad Haima. Russ

Solder Open/Mild Tombstone on 1206 LED

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 21 12:17:38 EDT 2008 | cyber_wolf

The blower for zone 6 bottom is turning 46.725 RPM's too fast. While we are waiting on some of the other pro's to confirm my diagnosis, you may want to check the forum archives for "tombstone".

Reflow of 0402 capacitors

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 08 16:02:58 EST 2001 | arturoflores

You did not mention to change the solder paste to another formulation or brand.We used to have that kind of non wetting problem on 0402 cap when we used Alpha's LR737(63/37) Type 4 No Clean and the solution was to change the solder paste to Alpha's L

Re: ENTEK boards

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 20 23:01:19 EST 2000 | KS Wong

Larry, My lines are running ENTEK boards all the while. Currently, we used Kester R-252 solder paste. We found voids! Now we are evaluating the Alpha Metal UP78-M. I've been told that the better flux due solve the voids problem, especially whe

Re: Stripping Magnet Wire

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 16 10:57:35 EDT 1999 | Greg Curler

| I need a good chemical to remove the lacquer finish off of magnet wire. I know there are different kinds but I need one that really works. Any suggestions would be great. thanks in advance guys. | Jeff, We use a 725 F Sodium Hydroxide (Caustic So

Universal VCD Technician

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 05 09:57:13 EST 2004 | davef

Don't know any Oakies, but these guys may give you a lead: * Contract Electronics Manufacturing Support, PO Box 314 Port Crane, NY 13833-0314, (607) 725-2084 Support@CEMSupport.com, http://www.cemsupport.com/welcome.htm * EED, Endicott, NY 13760, 88

Need Help for CCGA Rework

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 31 19:03:49 EST 2005 | myu

We need to rework for CCGA1657 (Ceramic Column Grid Array): removal and soldering. Its size: 42.5 x 42.5 mm. Its height is 7.25 - 9.61 mm. We use 63Tin-37Lead water-soluble paste. Our mini-stencil is 6-mil with 27 mil apertures. Please show your expe

Soldering with Electroless nickel

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 29 21:51:37 EST 2005 | wmeyers

I have a pin and sleeve assembly that utilizes a fusible link type of solder, Bi, Cd, Pb and Sn alloy. The pin is gold plated, the sleeve is copper alloy 725. I have had sporadic success with wetting of the sleeve during the reflow process. To improv

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