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placing 0603 parts with a 4766 sfp

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 19 14:50:10 EDT 2001 | tpeterson

I am looking for advice on placing 0603 parts with an old 4766. Also need a source for tooling and nozzles for the 0603 parts. Thanks, Tom

First Off ICT Verification

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 28 22:49:08 EDT 2004 | davef

Look here: http://www.checksum.com/mdatest.html We have no relationship, nor receive benefit from the company linked above.

Why AOI. Features one should look while considering AOI

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 06 08:08:45 EDT 2004 | abl

May I ask you to, whether your have taken any decision i.e. either for an Omron VT-Win II or an Optima 7300? thank you for your replay

First Off ICT Verification

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 15 11:20:34 EDT 2004 | Vic

Hi Guys, Can you give me a good bird's eye view in Verifying First Off via ICT Test. We currently verify our first off via naked eye for just the solder joint quality, orientation of parts etc. Aside from open and shorts, what can ICT verify? how c

Why AOI. Features one should look while considering AOI

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 07 00:28:03 EDT 2004 | rsgupta

Hello Mr Pete Thanks. Is there any comparative analysis available with someone for AOI system available (i.e. Landrex Optima 7300, TRI TR7100, Agilent SJ 50 Series II, Omron WIN II and Shindenshi ESV 303 DA). Some of these are Sngle camera AOIs and

Landrex AOI Problems

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 12 22:14:49 EDT 2010 | jdm2008

Anyone out there have this system(optima 7300). We have it and we are having tons of problems. Access violations, "ghost windows" models that when deleted will still call out defects, constant crashing etc. We are wondering if the problem will be

Re: BGA rework

Electronics Forum | Sat Nov 14 11:26:50 EST 1998 | Scott McKee

| | Any info on a BGA rework machine in the 10-20K range. | | | | Thanks | | Mike C | | | In the $60K range I really like the Pace model? (y'all join in). Whether there is a cheaper, non-programmable type, the gang can answer. | | Earl Moon | I p

Why AOI. Features one should look while considering AOI

Electronics Forum | Sat Aug 07 01:04:40 EDT 2004 | rsgupta

Why not.. You are always welcome. Firstly what I feel multicamera system (Top and Angled) AOI is always better than single Top camera system in terms of defect coverage. Secondly read On the fly inspection is much better than STOP and Go techniques.

Dont't know how to proceed with a new pick & place

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 26 19:40:25 EDT 2014 | jfduque

Hello everyone. First, I would like to apologize for my bad English, this is my first post and I came to this forum looking for help. I'm working in a small electronics company, and last year we've decided to invest in our first SMT production li

No such thing as a Compact Reflow Oven?

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 28 12:24:57 EDT 2018 | reckless

https://www.ebay.com/itm/Juki-KE-760-SMT-PICK-AND-PLACE-MACHINE/282894334640?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649 Not sure if a Juki 760 is worth $7300 shipped with feeders, MTC, etc. I saw a video of it running and it looked


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