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Matrix Tray

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 21 04:00:38 EST 2005 | geb

I have a Universal GSM1. I'm trying to add a new 6*16 matrix feeder. Does anyone know what the pickup X & Y refers to in the Pickup Information section. I've looked at an 8*20 and it says x=-38.5 , y=-28.3, but its not clear where it expects zero to

multilayer and difficult and high quality pcb supplier

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 06 03:06:18 EDT 2013 | 5pcb

We are a complex pcb supplier in China. We are good at making prototypes and multilayer (8-20)layers PCB. If you think your boards are difficult enough, you can contact me. Let's talk details. sales2@dmele.com Name:Lily Tel:0086-0755-23006293.

Wave Solder Bean Bags

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 09 20:48:07 EDT 2016 | deanm

I'm assuming these are two leaded axial components. GPD Global makes fluid dispensing and component prep equipment. Component leads can be formed (or bent) in order to provide some resistance in the hole during insertion. This should prevent the comp


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