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Hardware Torque requirements

Electronics Forum | Mon May 14 08:41:11 EDT 2001 | jackofalltrades

Howdy, This subject may be a little off subject, but I have been looking for a source that can give me info for the recommended torque on hardware. What I would love to see, is a chart that can show me, for example a column for the screw size (SAE &

Re: Quick Frame and Dek 265GS

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 02 13:44:04 EDT 1998 | Rin Or

| | | | | Does anyone use the "Quick Frame" with their Dek printer? | | | The threads on the screws keep stripping, so we thought | | | maybe we'd send our frames to a machine shop for heftier | | | screws. Has anyone done this? Is there a better wa


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