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Re: Mail Service

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 16 21:50:23 EST 2000 | Stu Leech

I must be having a "mature-moment." My mailbox has two messages in it. The pop-up shows them in que but I can't find the magic button to open them. I click on the "personal mail" button and nada happens. What's the trick? Stu

BGA Reliability

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 22 15:35:28 EDT 2002 | davef

There has been books of stuff written on the topic. One expample is: http://nepp.nasa.gov/index_nasa.cfm/476/CD467677-8023-44E3-A795CBCF2DECFF05/

What is to much Void?

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 13 14:13:39 EST 2004 | Gary

We are setting up our criteria for acceptance of solder voids. We would like 2% to 4% or smaller as our tolerance. Does this sound reasonable? Are most x-ray machines able to accurately measure at that size? Also, do most people find that 2% to 4

What is to much Void?

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 13 14:41:41 EST 2004 | DasonC

Check IPC-7095, For Class 2, 45% of the diameter adn 20.25% for the area.

Voiding in LGA (LT) soldering

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 30 06:47:18 EDT 2010 | arjan

We having issues installing the Linear Tech LTM8023. We have different soldering results in our PBfree testruns. The voiding and solderball rate is not stable (random positions and sizes). The pcb's (gold finish)are prebaked, the LGA's are stored in


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