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Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 22 12:51:42 EST 2008 | fastek

Logan- That's good to know as I've wondered what makes the 0201 feeder from Fuji so different $$$ from an 0402 feeder? In that they are both 8 x 2mm feeders is it simply a different tape leaf that is the difference? And is the high price compared to

Fuji Feeder Pitch

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 03 03:04:03 EDT 2005 | woodglass

Why not check the parts lists for both the 8x2 & the 8x4 feeders ?. This should tell you for sure.

0402 feeders

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 03 05:25:15 EDT 2006 | Rob

Hi AJ, Just had a look though our parent company's stock on components, and even the smallest of diodes & transistors (such as DFN1006-2 package - roughly 0402)come on 8x4 plastic. All of the 8x2 pitch tapes are paper (EIA: 01005, 0201, 0402; JIS: 0

Fuji CP4 & 0402

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 01 08:40:12 EST 2008 | jdengler

Hi AJ, Change ALL 12 of the 1.0mm to 0.7mm. The CP 4 can only set nozzle size for S M and L not some of the 12 but all 12. 0402 usually come in 8 x 2 mm tape so you need 8 x 2 feeders or you will waste 1 component for every component you use. T

2MM pitch tape

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 08 14:18:34 EST 2003 | soupatech

I have run across a resistor array whose tape has a 2mm pitch. Is there a way to modify a Fuji CP3 8x4 feeder to make it 8x2? Or do I need to purchace new feeders?

Fuji Feeder Pitch

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 28 18:57:49 EDT 2005 | donb

Hi All, Can anyone tell me if it's possible to change just the ratchet wheel on a Fuji 8x4 feeder to make it 8x2 so we can run 0402 chips, or would we need to change other parts in the feeders as well?

Fuji Feeder Pitch

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 28 21:43:58 EDT 2005 | donb

Thanks, but we don't have the parts yet, I need to know if it's do-able before the parts arrive, or I'll need to buy 20 new feeders if the parts are packaged on 8x2 reels.

Quad Feeder Programming - ThinPRO 2mm Index

Electronics Forum | Wed May 25 09:46:02 EDT 2016 | stevedc

According to their feeder brochure the 2mm feeders are listed at $650. Still not very cheap, but not un-obtanable. http://www.goppm.com/8x2mm-feeder.php Or is the pro version a different feeder? BR, Steve

Small scale reflow oven

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 15 10:01:33 EDT 2019 | kylehunter

Gotcha. Yeah, it has 8 heads. I think I'm going to go with it, seems like people like it more than the 2060. The package I'm getting comes with the following feeders: -15 CL8x2's -40 CL8x4's -8 12MM -4 24MM -2 Tray Holders

Why 50 mils in 0805 package instead of 40 mils.

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 03 09:00:18 EDT 2003 | davef

EIA standard packages have a variety of L/W proportions. EIA||Dimension mm (LXW)||Proportion (L/W) 0201||0.6X0.3||2 0202||0.5X0.5||1 0303||0.8X0.8||1 0402||1.0X0.5||2 0504||1.25X1.0||1.25 ||1.4X1.4||1 0603||1.6X0.8||2 0805||2.0X1.25||1.6 1111||2.8X2

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