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Mydata TP9-2 and TP11-UFP difference

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 16 03:58:40 EDT 2019 | artem

Hello, what is the difference between the TP9-2 and the TP11-UFP? The TP11-UFP is larger, can it do something more than the TP9-2 except placing more components?

Mydata (TP9-2U) problem

Electronics Forum | Tue May 07 12:30:30 EDT 2013 | shankar2013

We are having a problem with our Mydata TP9-2U where the machine shuts down during a job with this message seen on the service monitor -- F-MOT1-26/156:MOVFI: MOTOR TIMEOUT Has anybody seen this problem?

Mydata TP9-2U error ?

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 21 06:19:17 EDT 2019 | mxtimra

Mydata TP9-2U gives error code MOT1-38/186:MSETDYNX What is that code ? Machine give that code and wont make start up process. Appreciate if someone has knowledge that code, thanks.

Mydata TP9 2 Help

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 20 18:04:59 EDT 2009 | clearblue

We are having the same error message (F-Axis-23: X-Axis transducer ch.1 PTP value too low) on our TP9-2U that you had in 2007 with your TP9 2. I am hoping your memory is excellent, you are still at this email address, and you were able to fix the ma

Mydata TP9-2 Help

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 07 08:53:03 EDT 2007 | mleber

Thanks for the reply. We are just beginning to troubleshoot the machine. Thanks again.

Mydata (TP9-2U) problem

Electronics Forum | Tue May 07 14:54:38 EDT 2013 | shankar2013

Tried High and highest. Same message on shut down

Need help on Mydata TP9-2U

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 14 12:11:20 EST 2005 | binhanhaokiet

We just bought a used TP9-2U, I could not do a W-wagon camera calibrate. It keep saying "Calibrate failed, can't located all point", I do not know what should I do next. I did refocus the camera but it still does not help. Please help

Mydata A12 tool tip damage

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 18 06:47:38 EDT 2007 | cyber_wolf

I was asking if it was a TP9 2U...... If you have a UFP machine then you are in luck. It is most likely the small X-motor. You can test it in the service program. Does the X-axis bounce when you are trimming magazines and stepping through placement

Upside down placement of a crystal oscillator is acceptable ?? As per IPC clause its define Rectangular or Square En

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 19 03:06:42 EDT 2016 | ishwarsingh1

Upside down placement of a crystal oscillator is acceptable or not ?? As per IPC Rectangular or Square End Chip Components – 1, 3 or 5 Side Terminations.I am not sure whether is applicable for crystal oscillator or not . Your answer wo

TP9-2U Initializing Problem

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 05 18:06:34 EDT 2020 | smittym

So I have a old TpSys system running on a TP9-2U and I can't get the initializing hardware when I boot the unit. Once the program loads the computer freezes if I select any of the drop menu items. I can however get it to initialize if I go into Servi

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