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VIOS Interpretation

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 07 17:03:50 EDT 2010 | duchoang

Hi Mabdalla, Attached is my VIOS file. The board dimension in your file is 285.75(L) x 215.90(W) I do not see the board thickness in your file. The dimension in my file is 192.7(L) x 153.67(W) x 1.8(T) Hope this info would help you a little.

Re: Solder Paste Height

Electronics Forum | Sat Jan 06 21:56:54 EST 2001 | Greenman

While solder paste height is one possible process indicator, the other guys are right on the money - volume is key. One way to study overall paste volume is to measure every single pad, using a 3D laser analysis (see you next week for board 2)... OR

SMT Product Line Expansion

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 28 08:29:22 EDT 2005 | andymackie

If what you are talking about is "assembly materials", then consider the following: - Solder paste - Wavesoldering fluxes - Bar (for filling wavesolder pots) - Underfill (for TCE-mismatched CSP's and flip-chip) - Cleaning fluids (for post-reflow boa

Good Lead-Free soldering Iron???

Electronics Forum | Fri May 02 18:40:03 EDT 2008 | jlawson

Has anyone tried a PS-800E made by OKi Metcal? I > have been looking at them, it looks like a good > Iron, but I would like to know how these are > actually working in the field not just some sales > pitch by someone getting a > commision. Thank


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