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Foam fluxer maintenance, storage and cleaning

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 03 15:30:00 EST 2015 | ttheis

We've started off with Kester 951 'no-clean' so far which is alcohol based I believe. It seems to do very well with foaming, activation and low residue, but if we can move to water based and get good results that would be great. The 951 flux and thin

Flux not foaming

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 20 11:28:20 EDT 2011 | russw

We've got a Novastar 12S wave solder machine and we've been using Kester 951 flux for years with no problems. We just got a new bottle of 951 and it does not foam correctly (thin foam with lots of large bubbles). After a lot of back and forth with

Flux not foaming

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 21 14:43:50 EDT 2011 | russw

The confusing thing is we are doing the same thing we've been doing for years, same flux levels, same procedures, etc. so you would expect the same results. The only difference is the new bottle of 951, but Kester insists there isn't a problem with

Re: IPC Component ID

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 29 16:18:47 EST 2000 | Michael Parker

Thank you Wolfgang. And now I would like to ask the rest of the world to help fill in the blanks. Anybody have more to add? Is there a cross-reference available to download, as Wolfgang has hoped?

Re: PTH Crystal Spacer

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 20 09:36:01 EST 2000 | John Thorup

a good source for spacers of all kinds, including the wash aways, is Bivar in California @ 714/951-8808 John Thorup


Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 23 15:34:59 EDT 2008 | jeffjarmato

Thanks Bob, My email is jarmato@nbscorp.com My mobile phone is 951-216-5060

Need manuals for an Aqueous Tech SMT600-LD...

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 15 13:51:07 EDT 2018 | Mike Konrad

Please reach out to our service team and they will provide a manual free of charge. Product registration is free and includes manuals. 951-298-8800 Mike

IPC Component ID

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 28 16:23:44 EST 2000 | Michael Parker

While attempting to use the IPC-SM-782, land pattern calculator, I came across the term Component ID. (for example - "C1005") I am not sure what this is. I wanted to verify the IPC recommended land pattern for a Chip Capacitor with 0603 size. Can any

no-clean process

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 28 13:12:10 EST 2003 | barryg

We are going to be using a no-clean paste (smt)and no clean wave solder flux on a small pcb we will be doing here soon. As far as the wave process, should i purchase a new fluxer stone for the no-clean. Should I also purchse the recommended thinner o

no-clean process

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 28 21:54:54 EST 2003 | MA/NY DDave

Hi Notice they do call out that you should use their thinner. In the MSDS you get a clue as to the thinner they are mostly using with some additives. http://www.kester.com/PDF%20FILES/PDF%20Data%20Sheets/E%20No-Clean%20Fluxes/951%20(30Mar98)logo.p

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