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pcb plating; IAg

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 17 15:00:37 EDT 2013 | jmiller

what is the effect of pre-dip tank temp. and dip tank temp. on the thickness of the IAg?

ENiG or IAg? Which is better?

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 06 10:43:49 EST 2008 | samir

Folks, what is the industry consensus? Which is the more popular lead-free, flat finish these days? Here's what I know from my experience. IAg: 1. Quality of finish is dependent on supplier 2. Can NOT be reworked. It is known that reworking t

Conformal coating IS-410 boards

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 23 14:36:41 EDT 2007 | ck_the_flip

Sorry to interfere with Dave F, but perhaps your IAg finishes have issues with process residues from the boardhouse. What is the base material of your ConAP conformal coating - acrylic, silicone, polyurethane? We do CC (acrylic) and IAg and never h

Post Reflow changes To Silver Immersion Copper Traces On PWB

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 18 09:25:20 EST 2019 | davef

It doesn't matter if the traces have solder or not. We're talking thermal cycles. RE IAg thickness: I believe the IAg is a self limiting process, similar to IAu. Your fab may be able to help a little, but I don't expect a substantial change. And if

ENiG or IAg? Which is better?

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 06 12:37:05 EST 2008 | realchunks

Long, yellow, ugly toe nails will have the same affect on your boards.

ENiG or IAg? Which is better?

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 06 15:08:35 EST 2008 | srmlan

I guess you are right, they both need some loven

ENiG or IAg? Which is better?

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 06 15:36:22 EST 2008 | mumtaz

Oh my, a Ford? Did you lose a bet?

PCB becomes darken (yellownish)

Electronics Forum | Sat Aug 23 08:43:32 EDT 2008 | davef

Ugh, there are more reasons that immersion silver [IAg] to go yellowish than pigs at the county fair. That aside, sulphur is one of the reasons, as you say. The sulphur can be from a variety of sources, such as: * Pollution in the air * Ill advised p

Imm Silver tarnish?

Electronics Forum | Sat Aug 30 11:42:49 EDT 2008 | davef

Some immersion silver [IAg] products can go brown with aging. On a newly plated board, we expect you to see Ag, C, & O. The amount will vary according to supplier and thickness. Questions are: * How uniform is the brown coloration of the IAg on the

ENiG or IAg? Which is better?

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 14 15:14:31 EDT 2008 | samir

Dean, thanks for schooling me on this. I talked to an industry collegue whom I met at APEX, and it was he who had told me of the IAg "rework issue." Basically, he told me that they had field failures on QFPs that were a direct result of trying to "

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