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Ekra E4 stencil wipe problem

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 08 15:17:08 EDT 2016 | bobpan

black on top / blue on bottom both sides good luck

Ekra E4 stencil wipe problem

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 15 11:50:30 EDT 2016 | bobpan

hope this helps

Ekra E4 stencil wipe problem

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 08 13:14:11 EDT 2016 | claudea2

Hello, we have an Ekra E4 that we bought used and the stencil wipe never worked. We found that the air tubing for the up (black)& down (blue) of the wipe roll is missing. There are 2 push connectors for up and 2 for down to receive the tubes. Does an

Ekra E4 stencil wipe problem

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 15 10:43:18 EDT 2016 | claudea2

Thanks to Bobpan we re connected our wipe system and all the air actuators work fine. I still have a problem with the cleaner fluid dispenser. It is not moving as it should to dispense the liquid when we do the command. I suspect the values in the c

stencil cleaning

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 11 19:12:11 EDT 2002 | djarvis

Sorry fellas -disagree. We only clean our stencils in the ultrasonic machine at the end of the run. If the same pcb is up the next day we clean them by hand. We use Electrolube SSS and the used rolls from the in line under stencil cleaner. Wipe the

Re: Solder Beading under Cap...Need help

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 11 08:51:45 EST 2000 | HMAL

Dear Masdi, Perhaps you should check again your screen print process. Small amounts of solder paste under stencil can cause your problems. This paste is from previous printed pcb. When printing next pcb this paste attachs to places that it doesn't

MPM UP100 PCB carriage not slowing when carried under stencil

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 29 03:03:42 EDT 2016 | wesleyintelli

Our MPM UP100 is not slowing the pcb carriage as it is brought under the stencil. The result is that the carriage jolts the machine heavily when it is fully loaded. The hall effect vane sensor half way along the rear rail is working correctly. The le

Solder balling under passives

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 19 09:16:24 EDT 2016 | markhoch

Hi Shriram, Are you saying that there is a trace running between the pads for this 0603 capacitor? If so, this design may be causing a gasketing issue between the stencil and the PCB. The uneven height prevents the stencil from sitting flat on the PC

Solder balls under LLP

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 01 09:05:47 EDT 2005 | russ

Thermal pads located underneath leadless devices require a 50% reduction in the stencil aperture.

Solder balls under LLP

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 31 12:49:04 EDT 2005 | kmeline

I have been having the same problem with the LLP. I have three stencil I have done reduction on. The first I went by the manufacturing recommendations. The last two I have done more reducing for the thermal pad. The last one was at a 20% reduction an

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