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Mydata TP9 feeders

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 15 11:18:08 EST 2013 | richardc

Does anyone know the mechanical differences between a TPsys 1.6 version feeder and a 1.4. I only need to have one feeder for the 1.4 machine and would modify a 1.6 feeder if that is an option. Otherwise, does antone have a 1.4 version feeder they w

smt codes

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 01 09:28:20 EDT 2004 | Phil

Ozzy, it is a 1uf cap, not a .1. The 5 indicates 5 zeros after the 1. The MAX-232ACPE uses .1 uf caps. You indicated that it was not the "A" version. phil.hopkins@apcc.com

SMT reels using paper for caps and have problems with feeder jam

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 27 12:58:33 EDT 2005 | gregp

EIA-481-B Max tape thickness 1.1mm (not including bottom and top cover tapes which can be .1mm max each) Of course a 1.1mm thick piece of steel will be stiffer than a 1.1mm thick lasagna noodle (already cooked). Is the thickness the issue or is it t

BGA dead bug pick and place

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 18 11:31:17 EDT 2004 | gregp

I think it depends on the thickness of the PORON sheet. For .3mm balls you could probably get away with a pretty thin sheet (maybe 1/16"). I don't know how thin it comes offhand. For the part you are describing I woulf try maybe a 3.5mm OD and a 1

Assembly Revision Control

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 05 16:36:50 EDT 2003 | mleber

We handle this issue by adding a .1, .2 etc after the existing rev. Ex. Rev is A - we do an internal Rev changing an item and it goes to Rev A.1 - Basically you are building a Rev A with that ECO applied to it. It works well but you need to pay atte

sot363 placement issues

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 19 10:47:08 EDT 2006 | FredC

That is a small part. What nozzle is normally used a 1.0 or 1.3mm.


Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 31 15:25:03 EST 2018 | dontfeedphils

I like a 1mm circle with a 2-3mm mask relief around it.

GSM camera lens

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 14 18:19:35 EST 2008 | geb

Thanks for the info. I use the machine with a 1mil for resistors and capacitors and the machine with the 2.6mil for ICs (both have a 4mil.) This is because the r's & c's seem to benefit from the 1mil, more than IC's. I was thinking of making the mach

Anyone has this part 88W8790-A1-BLF2C00-P162 in stock? We need 12Kpcs

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 11 12:55:39 EDT 2020 | alanyang

We need 12Kpcs 88W8790-A1-BLF2C00-P162 from Marvell Avastar. If you have it in stock, could you pls provide photoes of the part and its detailed datasheet. https://pcbboardassembly.com


Electronics Forum | Sun Dec 13 11:35:59 EST 1998 | Jim Gustin

I suggest that you display questions and responses in a slightly different order. Within any given string of Q's and A's, the topmost displayed item should be the oldest. The most recent item should be at the bottom. In this way, a viewer can easily

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