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Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 21 09:41:42 EDT 2019 | mendezt6

Update: -The A12 tools will install in the 2nd machine. -Modified an A12 tool to install in the A13 tool location. -The modified tool will install in the A13 location of the 2nd machine, but not the 1st machine. Check that the parameters o

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Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 18 16:21:27 EDT 2019 | tey422

Since you have a 2nd machine, and another A12 tool, that would be a lot easier to troubleshoot by using the swap part method. Also, try to compare the A12 parameter from the 2nd machine to the "trouble" too.

MyData A12 tool tip damage

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 06 13:33:18 EDT 2012 | upguy

As in a previous thread, we have the A12 tool tip on our TP9-UFP get sliced/damaged at random times while picking parts. Sometimes it doesn't happen for several weeks, but sometimes twice in a day. There are enough locations for the magazines neede

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Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 18 15:58:42 EDT 2019 | tech1

3 different A12 tools and the same error could be a problem with the tool holder or a parameter. I suppose the locking tabs in the holder could be worn or bent and you could try removing one of the pins from the tool and setting it in a different loc

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Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 18 14:35:13 EDT 2019 | tey422

If all other tools appear to be working fine, only the A12 is having the issue. You might have a faulty tool(not within original spec). As Bruce suggested, check the A12 tool itself to see anything abnormal. If it's brand new, you might need some lub

Mydata A12 tool tip damage

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 18 08:23:38 EDT 2007 | cyber_wolf

send me an e-mail and I will give you the test procedure.

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Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 18 14:37:03 EDT 2019 | mendezt6

Tried 3 different tools, including the A12 from our second machine.

Resistor Help Needed

Electronics Forum | Thu May 20 09:29:02 EDT 2004 | Dilbert

Three LEDs, 3.5volts @.02amps each is 10.5volts. You said you calculated out an 82 ohm resistor so 82 ohms * .02amps is 1.64volts, I guess your going to use a 12volt supply. P=I*E =.02amps * 1.64volts =.033watts so a .25watt resistor will be fine

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Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 18 16:40:32 EDT 2019 | tey422

Whenever you are not sure if a part is good or not. Try to use it on the 2nd machine which uses the same part to test it out. If it "test" part works fine on the 2nd machine then it would be ruled out as not the "root cause". In your case, you can t

Re: APerture size for microBGA

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 30 10:42:24 EDT 2000 | Chrys Shea

That pad had a 16 mil dia, so I arrived at 20 mil squares by adding 2 mils to each side of the pad. Following that logic, a 12 mil pad would use a 16 mil square. But a 12 mil pad is on a finer pitch that isn't mentioned, so you should definitely

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