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What's The Dealy-O With Smocks?

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 16 15:14:37 EST 2005 | chunks

Good article from Top Line. That does bring up a good point: how do you test that your smocks are working? Anyone? Almost as bad a a fat guy wearing a bunny suit - just looks like a dirty snowball!

Post- and pre-reflow rework

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 04 15:28:22 EST 2005 | davef

Look here: * Circuit Board Repair and Rework Guide [ http://www.circuittechctr.com/guides/guides.shtml ] * 7711/21A - Rework and Repair Guide [ http://webvision.ipc.org/scripts/mgrqispi.dll?APPNAME=IPCWEB&PRGNAME=TOCFRAME&ARGUMENTS=-N,-N,-A,-A,-N50 ]

Blistering issue, mixed LF/SnPb process

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 28 11:48:55 EDT 2006 | Rob

Sorry Chunks! Not really with it - Friday afternoon, with 10 minutes to go. From experience I'd go with termination coating problem, linked a a few values, as they batch coat by value - so a 220R may be affected, but not a 100R.

Matrix Tray Holder

Electronics Forum | Wed May 09 11:13:58 EDT 2001 | davef

Hold it!!! Call Bob over at Tri-Metal Fabricators and ask him to make you one for about 10% of the price a fine OEM would charge. Might not a a fancy anodized finish, but at the end of the day, it'll hold yer trays just fine.

Wave Soldering for TO39 component

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 08 09:08:32 EDT 2004 | russ

I've never had one "float" in the wave. Have you tried waving yet to see? Anyway, glue would work, or you could place a a small weight on top, or clinch a couple of leads. Russ

Oxygen Analyzer for Wave Inerting

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 03 12:41:20 EDT 2006 | Chunks

You should have a a gauge on your wave that you could convert to PPM. Save you a few bucks and headaches.

Re: seeking low cost fix to tce mismatch

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 06 15:39:57 EST 2000 | Mike Naddra

Jim, The use a a teflon substrate, would mitigate the TCE mismatch you are expierencing. Mike

Ionic chromotography test on PCBA

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 04 21:04:31 EDT 1998 | Chiakl

I have just been assigned to look into the ionic chromotograhy test on our PCBA but I have zero knowledge. Could anyone help to explain what is this test about? Is it a) a destructive test? b) What is the measurement unit of this test? c) What is th

Dielectric values of materials

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 15 08:16:56 EDT 2003 | MA/NY DDave

Hi http://webvision.ipc.org/scripts/mgrqispi.dll?APPNAME=IPCWEB&PRGNAME=TOCFRAME&ARGUMENTS=-N,-N,-A,-A,-N50 And then look at 4202 and some of the others. YiEngr, MA/NY DDave

PCB Fiber

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 09 14:32:02 EDT 2004 | davef

It's possible, but we'd be VERY surprised. [Never say 'never'] Fabs REALLY try to keep copper away fom the edges of boards, because it's a A-600 requirment.

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