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Cartesian robot

Electronics Forum | Mon May 15 01:21:44 EDT 2006 | eeltec

Help: I have a cartesina robot brand Shibaura Engineering Works Co Ltd (now Toshiba) model AMI-A2R40A. I do not have any manuals so I do not have a programming reference manual. I will thanks any information; a user manual or a lenguage short list or

soft gold vs immersion gold

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 16 13:18:46 EDT 2004 | davef

You bet our reponse changes. Q2R: Hard gold thickness is 4 to 10 u" for Au and 300 to 400 u" for nickel A2R: This is a hard gold spec?? It looks like a ENIG spec. Although, the Ni is quite heavy, 150 uin is sufficient for most applications. The gol


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