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Re: PCB interval during reflow process

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 03 18:27:09 EST 1999 | Dave F

Charley: As Wolfgang says, you're unlikely to be able to put enough (average) boards in a modern reflow oven to be able to thermally load the machine. Ta Dave F

Production Line Setup

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 14 16:51:28 EDT 2002 | nuezmaster

Thanks for all the advise. I was able to recruit one person for a week to inspect boards after pick and place and was able to show a 65% efficiency increase for that line. Now I have a req. for 5 more people. Thanks, Nuez

Join venture in PCBA

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 31 20:53:20 EST 2004 | marcowong

If you are an existing PCBA house and looking for ways to reduce your overheads and maintain cost competitiveness. We are able to help and team up to do something. We are able to provide man power, factory facilities and space except machines and act

Excess wave flux on lead free process

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 17 03:07:17 EST 2005 | Chua

Hi, We are running lead free at wave solder now and the spray flux system is down. If we are going to able the flux manually, what problem will we be facing with the excess flux able. Appreciate for the advise.

Stencil Printing No lead

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 21 13:30:26 EDT 2007 | jseagle

Is it a clamshell type printer, opens on a hinge? If so you will never be able to reliably print with that type of printer. We had one of their printers and were never able to get it to print fine pitch reliably. It has nothing to do with the oper

Able To Post Image

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 22 21:27:40 EST 2008 | davef

This is a picture of hypercorroded nickel [black pad]. We posted it as an attachment to the thread. It's a new feature that the folk at SMTnet.com added for our dancing and dining pleasure. Well, maybe not that, but we'll be able to communicate bette

Voiding In BGAs

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 06 15:26:55 EST 2008 | mrmaint

IPC only allows 25% max voiding. We are able to run at levels much lower than 25% by using a heller 1800 reflow oven. Have not been able to eliminate voids completly. Not even the worst case have we been above 20%.

MPM Accuflex problems and errors

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 31 04:43:52 EDT 2010 | accuspares

If you dissconnect the crash beam sensor one at a time at the front leaving the remaining one connected you’ll be able to identify what side is causing the problem. Then you will be able to hopefully remove the object or adjust the position of the be

Ekra Support

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 13 08:41:59 EST 2012 | rgduval

Does anyone know how Ekra is about supporting a third-party machine? We're looking at a couple of printers at auction, and are wondering what kind of support we'd be able to get out of Ekra if we're able to buy the machines. Thanks! ..rob

Conveyor belt moves opposite direction

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 24 21:45:33 EDT 2019 | aksaustin

If you look in the back of the panel there should be some type of VFD drive that controls the conveyor motor. You may be able to control rotation that way depending on the manufacturer. Should be able to google the VFD mfg and find a manual online,

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