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Pulse Plating Reversal Current

Mar 11, 2005 | Hello Forum, visit the internet log for information about pulse plating. http://www.platingsci

Implementing Lead-Free Electronics by Jennie S. Hwang

Mar 7, 2005 | I was wondering if anyone has read Jennie's new book? For those of you who have read it, how about g

Selective soldering

Mar 3, 2005 |

Lead Free Substrate

Feb 24, 2005 | Here is an interesting article that supports T2s comments about Td: http://pcdandm.com/pcdmag/mag/05

CP6 pickup errors

Feb 24, 2005 | So you ask a question about a problem that you are having, someone takes the time to reply to your p

GDM 0603 nozzle type?

Feb 24, 2005 |

dry solder paste

Feb 23, 2005 | We've talked about this previously. Search the fine SMTnet Archives. For instance: http://www.smtn

Reflowing <.032

Feb 17, 2005 |

Set Command Variables

Feb 16, 2005 | Align the machine... are we talking about the table, the BEC, the clinch, the insertion tooling, EVE

Touch or no touch-up

Feb 11, 2005 |

Component replenishment

Feb 10, 2005 | cap and resistor Parts are cheap! $10 vs. $20 or so? If you are worried about inventory cost than o

Component replenishment

Feb 10, 2005 |


Feb 9, 2005 | To learn more about RoHS, look here: http://www.smtnet.com/forums/Index.cfm?CFApp=1&Message_ID=32331

Lost: Jim Nordeen

Feb 2, 2005 | Here's the last nr. I have for Jim: 847-608-6661. I haven't spoken with Jim in about 2 years.

wave machine

Jan 28, 2005 | Glenda: Our sympathies about being close to the Windy City. Recognize that some of the above names

wave machine

Jan 28, 2005 | http://www.speedlinetechnologies.com/index.aspx These guys are in Elgin Il. (about an hour from C

Angle of board on wave

Jan 21, 2005 |

Surface mount Machines

Jan 20, 2005 | What about Essemtec SMD Pick and Place FLX2010 http://www.essemtec.com/e/113.php

SMT LED placement with Universal HSP 4791

Jan 18, 2005 | JB, I've toggled between front and back lighting and the results are about the same. But thanks any

Storage Conditions for Finished Goods

Jan 17, 2005 | I've been storing some boards in my computers and equipment now for about 17 yrs with many different

Storage Conditions for Finished Goods

Jan 17, 2005 | Please email me about your concerns for safe storage conditions for finished products.I have a resou

Lead free BGA on a Leaded Process

Jan 4, 2005 | We've had several conversations about that here on SMTnet. Search the fine SMTnet Archives. For in

Post- and pre-reflow rework

Jan 4, 2005 | Hi!! Where can I get information about Post- and pre-reflow rework? Some links, opinions?? Please

BGA's ramp up rate in a convection oven

Dec 27, 2004 | Hi, Why are you worried about ramp rate on the BGA? Do you have a delta T problem on your PCB?

PCB Material

Dec 22, 2004 | Does anyone have an opinion about the pro's and con's of Getek vs Isola FR408 laminate? What laminat

i have to buy one NXT from Fuji What do you think???

Dec 16, 2004 | Hi Rob, I can understand why you'r so passionate about your beloved Fuji's and judging by what I'

Profile UP78 Alpha Metal ?

Dec 15, 2004 | Hi Cardinal, OK. Thank's. It's all right. What do you about SAC305 ? Do we use a linear meltin

dendritic growth

Dec 14, 2004 | You may also want to contact Terry Munson at Foresite - he is very knowledgeable about the root caus

Beware of counterfeit Fuji feeders and parts out of China

Dec 13, 2004 | Interesting Rob. The fake ones that I was told about would fail within minutes as the index wheels w


Dec 10, 2004 |

Looking for 93.5 PB 3 SN 1.5 AG

Dec 9, 2004 | Sorry about that. It is supposed to be a 5 SN. I typo'd.

Viscosity conversion units Query

Dec 8, 2004 | Initially, whatever the manufacturer recommends. As you learn more about the how well the instrumen

Pick and placement forces

Nov 26, 2004 |

Programming feeder Setup

Nov 23, 2004 |

Best way to store products on Univ GSM-1?

Nov 22, 2004 | I guess your management don't relly care about line efficiency? good luck :)

Printing Problem

Nov 19, 2004 | The R.H of 28-30% is too low! (What about ESD issues?). Have them check to see if the printer/pri

Universal Rad 6348A chain advancement problems.....

Nov 18, 2004 | I rebuilt 6348A's for about 13 years. Check the contact at the clip locator. It's dirty, broken, o

Manual screen printer ?

Nov 10, 2004 |

Via in Pad Production

Nov 10, 2004 | Hi, We are thinking about starting to use via in Pad, for both BGA and 0402 and 0201 components.

Epoxy for solder mask touch up

Nov 8, 2004 | Looks like we have been running the cure a little short (but only by about 44 min). I need to check


Nov 2, 2004 |

'Blue solder' residues

Oct 27, 2004 | We talked about a similar "Blue Haze ( Not the same as Purple Haze)" awhile ago http://www.smtnet.co

whitepaper for the lead pitch standard

Oct 20, 2004 | Hi, I'm looking for a thorough reference about the standard SMT lead pitch for my customer? Could a

X-Ray Criteria for BGA Solder Ball

Oct 20, 2004 | Hi, What's the maximum and minimum solder void that can be accepted during X-ray? What about t


Oct 19, 2004 | Please can anyone help we have a mydata running on unix V/386 ver 3.2 We are about to purchase an

leadfree connector

Oct 16, 2004 | Here is a thread from the fine SMTnet Archives from a couple of weeks ago, where we spoke about the

SMT Pick and Place

MPM SMT screen printer parts