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Oct 28, 2008 |

Restriction to population one batch of component at Fuji machine

Oct 26, 2008 | Hello I want to aks more experienced SMT engineers about one thing related with Fuji machines. I

Humidity question

Oct 15, 2008 | You have a lot more problems than what you are asking about. If you are running a shop that is un-ai

OSP coating verification

Sep 29, 2008 |

SAC105 vs. SAC305

Sep 18, 2008 |

Stencil Design

Sep 16, 2008 | "....over 3500 apertures in a circuit that is about 1 x 1.5 inches..." 8O Yeah, Larry would de

Stencil Design

Sep 16, 2008 |

Juki pick and place ?

Aug 21, 2008 | We have been running a 2060 (along with a 2050) for about a year. Great machine; good follow up to t

Pick and Place Rivet

Aug 13, 2008 | we tested this kind of part about 3 years ago did a few prototypes I did'nt know how it was going to

Pick and Place Rivet

Aug 12, 2008 |

Universal Gold Feeders

Aug 11, 2008 |

Homemade Custom Nozzles

Aug 6, 2008 |

AOI false fail PPM

Aug 1, 2008 | I don't know about that machine but 5000 wouldn't suprise me. And make sure your targets is less

solving tombstone

Aug 1, 2008 |

cover tape tearing

Jul 30, 2008 |

Help Building Simple Circuit Board

Jul 27, 2008 | Im trying to figure out how to go about making a circuit board for making a music box basicly i plug

Newb needs to bake some chips help.....

Jul 21, 2008 | We blab about component baking all the time. Search the fine SMTnet Archives for more, like: http://

Vitronics Delta 5

Jul 17, 2008 |

Who Makes Good boards?

Jul 16, 2008 | I'm sorry if this is the wrong forum. We use about 40,000 4-layer, 6-mil trace boards a year for a c


Jun 26, 2008 |

Tall SMT Components

Jun 26, 2008 | Hello, about 20mm - some kind of inductance for this week. If I were you, I would check anothe


Jun 26, 2008 | The normal price for new printer like DEK ELA is about US$ 45K TO 55K Depending on the dealer. MPM w

Speaking of Pests!

Jun 23, 2008 |

Pick and place pickle

Jun 11, 2008 |

PC-based Oscilloscopes and KS0718 C Library

Jun 11, 2008 | Can anyone help about Multiport Serial Adapters, 8051 development tools, watchdog timer, Embedded C

How can a sound file be played out at 100dB and 21-40 kHz only?

May 30, 2008 | Is it possible to hook up a computer or tape player to an amplifier and achieve this? And how about

Is Our Blood Leaded Or Unleaded?

May 21, 2008 | Guys! Its very interesting question to know about whether our blood polluted with lead or not.

No flow underfills

May 1, 2008 | I looked at some no flow underfills about 5 years ago and they weren't quite ready for prime time ye

GSM1 endurance

Apr 13, 2008 |

Tombstoning issues!!!

Apr 9, 2008 | We wonder about: * Solder mask encroaching onto the component pads. Please describe the solder cove

Fuji Lock Out Keys

Apr 9, 2008 | Jerry, Now that I think about it, there is liability issue here. I would hate to publicly post the

Yamaha YGP Screen Printers

Mar 20, 2008 | Yamaha Released this printer to the US market I think about 2 years or so ago. Printer inspection

consumption of lead free solder alloy SN100C

Mar 20, 2008 | Thanks Greg Our main problem is that we are putting small number PCB through, about300 PCB, size18

SMT Pick and Place

Large PCB Dispensing System