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Stencil design for flex-rigid PWB

Sep 16, 2004 | Hello Chris, "It sticks up about 3/8" or so above the surface of the board." Is this over the rid

Component location related to Fiducial marks

Sep 8, 2004 | Yes I agree with Russ about someone asking up front and everything else. Two tips. 1. Keep the mar

AOI: Comparisons

Aug 23, 2004 | I have no experience working with the systems you listed about, however I have experience working wi

Good Profiler for reflow ovens

Aug 20, 2004 | Hi Grant, sly again. I was searching for some infos about Auto-SIR, and I found something that ma

Mydata Hard Disk Failure

Aug 17, 2004 | Hi , I am having an issue with my Mydata TP11 UFP. About 2 yrs ago I upgraded from TPSYS 1.6 to T

BGA open joint

Aug 5, 2004 |

Third Party Pick and Place Repair in the Florida Area

Jul 30, 2004 | Try Mike Cook. He knows just about every flavor of pick and place machine out there, but his experti


Jul 29, 2004 | Some short happens between the balls of CPU socket in my site.we decrease the reflow time from about

Un-Reflowed Paste

Jul 28, 2004 |

Lead Free Wave Soldering

Jul 23, 2004 | I'd be interested to hear what the PWB vendors have to say about your comments. This is something I

Lead Free Wave Soldering

Jul 23, 2004 |

Picking ball-side up

Jul 19, 2004 | Awhile back there was a thread here about needing to pick a BGA-type component that is dead-bug (bal

CAM Software

Jul 19, 2004 | Might C, There is no thinking about it when it came to Aegis for me. I switched out from Unicam to

BOM Merging

Jul 14, 2004 | Thanks Daan, I forgot about SMT Maestro, but it does a little more than I need. I can easily f

pcb laser markers

Jul 12, 2004 | hello ! my name is itamar and i need information about pcb laser marking machines. my knowledge in

PCB Cleaning

Jul 8, 2004 | Hello, I have been tasked with updating our PCB cleaning sytem, of which I know little about, and

Flex circuits

Jun 28, 2004 |


Jun 27, 2004 |

V-Groove Keep Out Area

Jun 11, 2004 |

On contact calibration

Jun 9, 2004 |

Gold Embrittlement

Jun 1, 2004 | Se�or Tech: Would you believe it!!! We had the same thing about a week ago. The carbon layer is r

reflow oven

May 24, 2004 |

Solder paste softener

May 17, 2004 |

Dream SMT Line

May 14, 2004 |

Dream SMT Line

May 12, 2004 | I agree with the guy about cars, boats, ect... ok, I like as some have said without a doubt, DEK to


May 12, 2004 | You say you have lots of problems with a BGA, tell us about: * Specific problems you see. * Solder

screen printer comparision

Apr 15, 2004 | What are diffrerences between DEK 248 and MPM Microflex? We are thinking about off-line screen prin

Type 4 solder paste

Apr 13, 2004 |

Immersion silver leaching.

Apr 8, 2004 | We are concerned about the issues you mentioned and more, however we have no option but to change ov

Selective Conformal Coating System