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TDK AC-7 Axial Programming

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 30 10:22:10 EDT 2004 | mnguyen

I am having a hard time looking for a programming software for a TDK AC-7 Axial. TDK makes a MFT-30 for their Radial machine but there is no programming software made for the Axial machine. I see in it's file that you can export and import Dynapert f

TDK Axial/Radial Programming software

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 13 10:55:01 EDT 2004 | mnguyen

Spoke with TDK and they told me Unicam or now called Technomatics I think makes a software to program the VC but you can also use dynapert to program the AC-7. Is that true? TDK told me they do not have any software to program the machines using soft

TDK Axial/Radial Programming software

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 08 14:21:31 EDT 2004 | mnguyen

We are looking to buy a insertion line TDK AC-7 Axial machine and a VC-7AT Radial machine. I am curious if there are any software out there that can program the machines. Spoke with Aegis and circuitcam and they told me they do not have any software


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