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Fuji IP1 not reading fiducials

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 26 15:52:11 EDT 2010 | markhoch

If the above recomendations do not help...(I'd try them first) Did you try the infamous "Fuji Fix"? Power the machine all the way down and power it back up. (Rebooting the software)

Fuji IP1 not reading fiducials

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 27 16:42:18 EDT 2010 | m79d

Hi jepoy + a very frazzled man thanks for your suggestions,here is how it went:- I found a couple of these VM1710 boards and tried one and still nothing. I really wanted to see if power was getting to the camera and anything coming out. I was loo

BGA placement accuracy

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 22 10:57:59 EDT 2001 | wbu

Hi Steven, BGA�s are known for their ability to self align and from own experiance they do. There�s enough documentation on this one available (...don�t have the links present like Dave but I�m sure he will give you enough to spend some evenings rea

01005 (0402 in metric unit) printing accuracy

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 20 16:51:03 EDT 2005 | pjc

There is a spec I read that states +/- 0.001" (0.025mm) print deposition accuracy and repeatability is more than adequate for 0201-chip printing. I don't think any print studies where done for 01005 chips yet. There are several other factors besides

DEK 265 GSX not powering up

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 28 10:04:14 EDT 2012 | dwelch123

Looking for some help. I'm getting no power to the main machine. All power supplies are getting correct power in but not outputing power. All output terminals on power supplies read 0V. The main transformer outputs all check with proper voltages. At

Placement Accuracy and CPK

Electronics Forum | Tue May 22 16:07:31 EDT 2007 | francitj

We are doing a field study to test the placement accuracy and calculate cpk of some machines in our plant. From previous readings, it is suggested that you buy glass board kits from Accuspec, Topline, etc. Is that the easiest/cheapest way to go abo

Laser selective solder machine

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 22 14:28:38 EDT 2005 | Gary Goldberg - PROMATION

Low end selective laser soldering systems are limited to what types of soldering can be performed. I have read through the previous comments and find that most have commented on earlier technologies (which do not offer the features today's system do)

Manual SMT equipment

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 03 06:04:10 EST 2014 | spoiltforchoice

Manual placement aids are often very similar, I would suggest it is quite difficult to tell them all apart. Most of them include some kind of carousel for bins of loose parts and have the option of a few tape "feeders". If you are building small volu

Where do I Start?

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 06 11:29:03 EDT 2002 | genny

We are a company that designs a product but gets the PCB fabricated and the surface mount assembly done out of house. The product then comes in house and we test it, do some final assembly on it, and ship it. We recently had a prototype run of PCB'

Flip Chip assembly without underfill

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 06 11:23:30 EST 2003 | emeto

Hi all, Can anyone give me more info about Flip Chip assembly without underfill.Some technics,necessary equipment(optics,linear motors,accuracy and so on)or where i can read about it.

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