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advice on selecting ATE/ICT

Electronics Forum | Sat Sep 22 23:57:53 EDT 2007 | accurex

The selection of Test equipment primarily should be driven by the requirement of fault spectrum you would like to capture. If you are looking at Manufacutring defects MDA/ICT would do the job, if you would like to cover the functional aspect a combin

Which is best Selective Soldering or Robtoic soldering

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 04 00:53:44 EDT 2007 | accurex

We are looking for Stepper Motor Soldering for Automotive board. Which is the best Selective Soldering or Robotic Soldering system.

What is the difference between Linear Drive or Rack and pinion

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 04 00:54:58 EDT 2007 | accurex

What ist the advantage of split axis with Rack and Pinion Drive and the latest Linear drive based placement system.

agilent SJ 50 series 2 series 3 difference

Electronics Forum | Sun Dec 02 08:14:27 EST 2007 | accurex

Can any one guide what is the difference between the Series 2 and Series 3 of agilent aoi sj50 system.


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