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Cleaning Copper Surface

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 26 12:25:44 EST 2010 | blnorman

You can try a 5% solution of sulfuric acid. It's used to clean copper foils to IPC-TM-650 method 2.3.15 prior to testing for purity.

Cleaning Copper Surface

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 02 16:57:33 EST 2010 | flipit

Like Dave said, you need to use an acid solution. This is what is used prior to HASL. You will think I am crazy but you can use vinegar or even catsup/ketchup. The acetic acid will clean the oxidation. Just rinse the board off before using.

Conformal Coat and RTV

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 03 21:20:22 EST 2007 | davef

Comments are: * General purpose RTV (RTV-108) releases an acetic acid (vinegar) during cure and corrodes copper, brass and sensitive metals. It is therefore NOT for use in delicate electrical or electronic applications. However, there is an electrica

HASL PCB non-wetting

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 16 01:06:25 EST 1998 | Victor Ng

Dear all, Recently I have a problem of non-wetting at our wave soldering process. It appears only on the SMT pads for the chip components (at the solder side) of the HASL PCB. With all the same parameters on the wave soldering machine, i

Re: Bare Copper Circuit Boards

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 18 16:36:29 EDT 1999 | John Thorup

| Has there anyone bold enough to try this in their shops? My cubemate just got through telling me that at his last shop, they had bare copper boards (no HASL, no OSP, no nothing), with minimal solderability problems. I'd hate to have to clean what

Cleaning Copper Surface

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 02 14:42:55 EST 2010 | davef

smt_guy: In removing passivation coats and handling oil, board fabs do light washes with: * Sulfuric acid * Alkaline * Water ... and then blow dry. They do not see "oil" like you seem to be talking about. Their "oil" is the assumption that someone

How to remove Oxides from older components? Fine Pitch

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 06 19:20:09 EDT 2009 | boloxis

easy, just dip the ICs on a very weak solution of Nitric Acid, by very weak I mean like drops of Fuming Nitric acid in a half full DI water beaker. Place the beaker on a Ultrasonic bath and dip/shake the ICs in the solution in 5~ 10 seconds only. You

Cleaning Copper Surface

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 15 20:01:24 EDT 2010 | sarason

I normally use a particularly aggressive Hand Cleaner for cleaning oil off your hands at garages/ workshops and then Benzotriazole. The Hand cleaner comes from an industrial chemical supplier. It usually contains some NaOH while most Hand-cleaners do

Presence of Copper

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 09 21:45:21 EDT 2012 | davef

Hi Bob Ideas to consider are: * Use your handheld XRF * Swab vinegar on the copper and watch it brighten * Use the following procedure Nearly all copper minerals can be dissolved by melting with a mixture 1:2.5 of ammonium chloride and ammonium nit

chemical etching

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 17 23:25:53 EDT 2002 | redmary

We generally etch the copper back slightly using a 50/50 mix of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide and laboratory grade Ammonium Hydroxide. Swab for about 5 seconds, then rinse. and etch the tin in the solder to further delineate the intermetallic layer that shou

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