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CSAM Machines

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 01 07:45:56 EST 2006 | davef

Consider: * Equipment Inspection acoustic microscope [Scanning Acoustic Microscopy (SAM)] MicroPhotonics 4949 Liberty Lane, Suite 160, PO Box 3129 Allentown PA 18106 610.366.7103 fax 7105 http://www.microphotonics.com * Equipment Inspection acoustic

Voiding in Underfill process

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 21 15:45:05 EST 2008 | davef

Yes. It's called a surface acoustic microscope. Rent time at your local university or college.

Ultrasonic detector instead of X-ray

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 14 14:48:48 EDT 2010 | davef

It won't work. An acoustic signal can't punch through a BGA. The signals reflect at every interface. So, it works for flip chip, but there are too many interfaces in CSP and BGA. Equipment, Inspection, Acoustic microscope * MicroPhotonics * Sonos

Looking For an Environmental Lab!

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 14 16:38:13 EDT 2005 | sleech

Our present lab went "South." We need a lab that can do temperature/humidity conditioing, convection oven baking, C-Mode Scanning Acoustical Microscopic package inspection and "No-Pb" reflow simulation. We are evaluating a low temperature package dry

BGA rework

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 30 14:47:27 EDT 2007 | GS

MSL 3) By SAM (Scanning Acoustic Microscope) before to remove them from PCB, you could identify if de-laminated or not and the degree of delamination. Best Regards...GS

Small solder deposits Inspection

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 30 12:30:14 EDT 2003 | Guillermo

Hello, I would like to ask for cooments/advices about the inspection of small solder deposits inspection (aprox 4 mills). We tried with X ray and Scanning acoustic microscope but it looks like due to the small size, we could not be sure to get all t

BGA's shorting

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 03 17:06:43 EDT 2001 | davef

Yes, moisture entrapment causes solder shorts 80% of the time. Cracks occur bottom side of the BGA. Use an acoustic microscope to find the cracks. So, what makes you think your BGA are blowing-off steam? I posted a vid on SMTnet that showed the b

Oop's Pb BGA's in a RoHS process?

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 16 18:48:57 EDT 2006 | GS

Hi Grant, just my opinion, I think the concern could be related to the extra temperature the BGAs have been exposed during the Lead Free Reflow Temperature. So you need to check ( data sheet) what is the max temperature and how long the Pb/BGA can w

Re: Solder ball bridging under BGA

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 02 08:44:50 EDT 1998 | Kelly Morris

| Hi, | We are having problem with yield loss due to electrical fail. Further investigation shows that the failure is due to solder bridging under BGA. Has been there any study or experience on how this could occur and what we can do to prevent it.

Direct Chip Attached & Flip Chip

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 06 14:27:18 EST 2003 | MA/NY DDave

Hi You already have some good answers. Let me add just a little of what I know. You might want to check the IPC and obtain their guides on this technology. Also SMTA, NEPCON and others have technical proceedings on this technology. Checking with e

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