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Flux Residues on Wave Soldered PCBAs

Jul 29, 2016 | "ALPHA® EF-2210 is VOC-free, halide-free, rosin/resin-free, low solids no-clean flux which provides

Water-soluble flux vs test socket cleaners?

Mar 15, 2015 | Thank you Dave! Does that imply that test socket cleaners use a more aggresive/corrosive activator t

Water-soluble flux vs test socket cleaners?

Mar 15, 2015 | Sure, the formulation and purpose of a soldering flux and a socket cleaner are basically the same. O

Water-soluble flux vs test socket cleaners?

Mar 13, 2015 | I'm not familiar with any "test socket cleaners", but I will tell you that water soluble flux is des

Water-soluble flux vs test socket cleaners?

Mar 12, 2015 | Hello. I would like to know the difference (if any) between water soluble flux and test socket clean

Flux applied by hand

Apr 5, 2013 |

Flux residues

Nov 15, 2012 |

Wave Solder question

May 27, 2012 |

Dark Solder Joint

Dec 7, 2011 | If this is a water soluble flux, then the discoloring is caused by the still active flux microetchin

Flux Pen or Flux Syring

Jun 14, 2011 | It depends on the flux and the down-stream processing ... * If there is adequate down-stream cleani

Water Soluble Flux

Dec 2, 2010 | Hi Jacki, Water soluble flux was for the majority used in the USA in the 80’s and 90’s under the

Water Soluble Flux

Dec 1, 2010 | Hegemon, Thank you for the acknowledgment. Jacki, There are 3 rosin flux categories: R –

Water Soluble Flux

Nov 30, 2010 |

Cored Solder Wire & Supplemental Flux compatiblility

Jun 25, 2010 | Just skip the squirt bottle and your problem is solved. Cored solder has enough activity for proper

flux residue problem

Sep 4, 2009 |

Problem with flux

Aug 20, 2009 |

BGA Rework - flux dispensinx issue

Nov 4, 2008 | Sure. Here's what you should do to apply repeatable amounts of flux on BGA during rework: * Squirt

no clean flux + wave soldering issue

Aug 28, 2008 | Omid, No-clean fluxes need to be used right out of the can without thinning. In the past with RA

Solder Paste

Mar 20, 2008 |

no-clean flux vs. impedance

Feb 19, 2008 | The low solids flux that is commonly called no-clean can affect some circuits. We are building

no-clean flux vs. impedance

Feb 18, 2008 | I should have mentioned... the only flux we use for the hand soldering is wire-core, no bottle flux.

no-clean flux vs. impedance

Feb 18, 2008 | If the hand soldering is done right and you use little to no extra flux (other than whats in the sol

Voids in thru-hole solder joints

Nov 13, 2007 | I have a thick board with ground planes that will be soldered by hand with a mildly active solder/fl

VOC Free Flux

Oct 10, 2007 |

Rosin vs. Resin Flux

May 31, 2007 | A solder wire classified as L0 under IPC J-STD-004 means that the flux residues can be left on the b

Wave flux and profiling

Dec 19, 2006 | Grant, Newer lead-free fluxes have 6%-10% solids content - more activator, therefore leave more "

Wave Solder Balls, VOC-Free Flux, and Glossy Mask

Oct 3, 2006 | With recent implementation of VOC-Free flux in our shop, we've experienced little solder fines/balls

Spray fluxing VOC free, as operation HOURS before wave solder

Sep 20, 2006 | Good question - as it is a water based flux then you are going to get a very low level of solvent ev

Companent storage time before soldering

Sep 13, 2006 | We get a more active flux.

Flux Compatibility Issues....

Jun 9, 2006 | I say: �Wave flux needs to be heated to certain activation temps which won't be repeatedly achiev

Flux Compatibility Issues....

Jun 8, 2006 | We don't agree that "a little to the top would just even things out". The raw flux on the top of th

Flux Compatibility Issues....

Jun 6, 2006 | Wave flux, although I've seen it used successfully in my past life, is not such a good idea to use a

Flux Residues In Lead Free Wave Soldeing Process

May 27, 2006 | Gentlemen I have managed to pull myself together after banging my head. I am not sure the flux volum

Wave Solder, Flux density measurement?

Feb 1, 2006 | Density is an "implied" measurement to determine activity. Most flux suppliers can sell you a flux a

Encapsulating water soluble flux residue?

Dec 16, 2005 | Rather than cleaning a water soluble flux residue off the board, by encapsulating the product. cover

Flux activity with SAC305

Jul 28, 2005 |

Flux activity with SAC305

Jul 28, 2005 |

Flux activity with SAC305

Jul 28, 2005 |

Flux activity with SAC305

Jul 27, 2005 |

Flux activity with SAC305

Jul 27, 2005 |

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