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SIPLACE 80S-15 and 80F-3 help needed

Electronics Forum | Sun Jun 08 16:31:02 EDT 2014 | ipdisplays

Prob totally screwed the pooch... Got more than a little frustrated with not being able to get the stupid software to do what I thought it should do, anyway figured maybe the IEC port was the problem - I have a couple of spare cpu cards, so I swapped

Solder Balls and Humidity

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 24 11:03:15 EDT 2007 | hussman

I agree with Joris. But to add to his comment, the type of finish also has a direct affect to your wave solder process. Going from a gloss finish to a matte finish may help a lot. As for humidity affecting your wave - I doubt it. I use a water

Mydata Pick and place

Electronics Forum | Sun Aug 26 12:40:59 EDT 2001 | stefwitt

I would like to enter the discussion by tossing some numbers in. First of all I don�t like the 3 Sigma value. 3 Sigma are 2000 defects per mio. if I remember correctly. This means, if you have 200 components on the board, then every 10 boards have on

0201 and uBGA

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 25 10:56:27 EDT 2002 | xrayhipp

Yeah, perhaps lean more towards a ramp-to-spike profile - reducing the soak time and add a littel heat to your temp above liquid. This has worked for us with water soluable paste as we are not required to use no-clean and utilizing a 6-zone oven. G

Granite Surface and ESD

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 01 04:51:53 EST 2005 | dougs

I think what Russ is getting at is that the granite table is used for it's flat surface to aid in measurement, the flat surface helps to measure heights very accuratly. If you add another surface on top of that then you lose what the granite surface

Headers and SMT

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 29 11:49:02 EDT 2015 | spoiltforchoice

Typically - hand soldering as you are currently doing. Should your volume justify it you can invest in a selective soldering solution, these might take the form of a robotic arm that essentially replicates manual soldering or a solder jet similar to

Headers and SMT

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 02 14:45:25 EST 2015 | stevezeva

Hi there! If they are just standard headers there's a company called Teka that makes headers and socket headers with solder preforms in them. They call it "Solder Bearing Lead Technology" You can drop them in the board and reflow them just like SMT p

COB and wire bond

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 04 19:33:16 EDT 2002 | rob_thomas

Dave's estimation is pretty conservative but there is a lot of equipment out there and a lot of people happy to make a sale.Implementing both mentioned processes it's difficult and time consuming .Even if you get good training from whoever sells you


Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 09 11:42:37 EST 1999 | Dave F

Jeff: Try this: ROSA. John�s spot on. I�ll add that it is a fluxless method that reduces the oxides in an aqueous solution. Another source of information is: Trench, M., Hillman, D., Lucey, G., "Environmentally Friendly Closed Loop Soldering,"

X-Outs and Panel Arrays

Electronics Forum | Wed May 14 15:15:03 EDT 2008 | boardhouse

Hi Scott, I have worked for a State side PCB Manufacture and now a Taiwan Manufacture. At both shops the up charge was based on how many up the pallet array was plus layer count and complexity of product, charges ranged from free to 15%. Standa

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