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What specs to look 4 when buying XRAY machine for BGA inspection

Electronics Forum | Wed May 23 14:13:50 EDT 2012 | adetuc65

Hi aj thanks for the reply. you are right we rarely use 130kV it would be a great if you could send onto me what have researched that would be amazing. my address is adrian.tucker@emc.com thanks again Ade

Can I replace this broken micro switch and solder the new one like this ?

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 06 21:16:59 EDT 2020 | raoult

Thanks guys for your help. Sorry for the pic quality, the device is so small I had to zoom a lot with my phone. The switch is a tactile one, the plastic body is missing, and what you can see in the center is where the contact is made : when the swit

Re: Component Package Specs

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 12 14:43:54 EST 2000 | JAX

Doug, Jedec has this info. Here is a few for you to use. LENGTH, L+LEADS, WIDTH, W+LEADS, PITCH, AVG. HEIGHT. 1. CQFP100AC: 17.28,22.35,17.28,22.35,.635,4.92 2. CQFP100AF: 32.52,37.59,32.52,37.59,1.27,4.92 3. PQFP100AD: 19.05,22.35,19.05,22.35,.


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