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Sony SS-AD2 adhesive dispenser problem

Sep 30, 2016 | Hi, I have a pcb loading problem with an SS-AD2 dispenser machine. Are there anybody, who has s

super fine pitch paste & dispensing questions

Aug 16, 2010 | CiXi Tian Hao Electric Technic Co.,LTD manufactures adhesive dispensing equipment and may be able to

USED Adhesive Dispensing machines

Feb 23, 2009 | IMMEDATE NEED for USED adhesive dispensing machine that has "Z" axis sensing. Please contact me 6

SMT Adhesive and Other

Feb 7, 2008 | We don't have one of those cool air compressed syringes to dispense adhesive. We have to do it by h

SMT adhesive suggestions?

Jul 17, 2007 | Hey DBack! The 80's called. They want their pump dispensing for SMT adhesive process back! That,

Camalot 1414 Adhesive Dispenser

Feb 6, 2007 | Does a newer model Camalot 1414 Adhesive Dispenser have the ability to import XY data? Has the prog


Oct 2, 2006 | EFD, Inc. manufactures adhesive dispensing equipment and may be able to offer assistance with your a

SMT Adhesive

Sep 27, 2006 | What are you guys using for SMT Adhesive? When we started into SMT many years ago, we used a Loctite

Adhesive dispensing

Mar 31, 2006 | Hi, has anyone got any experience of automatically dispensing any of the following adhesives? Loc

Adhesive Dispensing

Feb 23, 2006 |

Adhesive Dispensing

Feb 23, 2006 | "The three dispensing pumps used for encapsulation are the air/time syringe, rotary positive displac

Adhesive Dispensing

Feb 22, 2006 | Hi! Why positive displacement technique cannot be used for underfill dispensing? Which is the bes

Micro Dot Paste Dispensing

Jul 30, 2004 | GPD Global provides a line of system to for small volume solder paste and condutive adhesive dispens

Conductive Adhesive and UV cure adhesives dispensing

Feb 21, 2003 | Hi I don't know of anything special in the ways of dispensing since they don't normally care abou

Conductive Adhesive and UV cure adhesives dispensing

Feb 21, 2003 | Hi, I would like to know how Conductive adhesives and UV cure adhesives are dispensed. I know that

SMD Adhesive Testing

Dec 11, 2002 | Se�or Tech Consider the following in evaluating your adhesive: * Determine the ability to dispen

SMD Adhesive Testing

Dec 4, 2002 | What kinda adhesive? Pin Transfer, syringe dispense, screen print?

oven resin from adhesives

Aug 13, 2002 | I am currently running several SMT lines that are placing components onto dispensed adhesive (Heraeu

adhesive on pads

Apr 1, 2002 |

adhesive on pads

Mar 30, 2002 |

Adhesive Printing

Mar 27, 2002 |

Adhesive Printing

Mar 12, 2002 | Currently I am dispensing adhesive and would like to screen adhesive. Just need to know if anyone ha


Jan 9, 2002 |

AMV adhesive head with Amicon

Nov 16, 2001 | Looking for anyone with experience with the AMV head dispensing Amicon Adhesives. We are constantly

Adhesive Dispense Equipment

Oct 29, 2001 | If you can half-way justify the cost delta, go with the dispenser.

Adhesive Dispense Equipment

Oct 26, 2001 | Consider a stencil printer [ie, MPM, DEK, Ekra, Minami] to print your adhesive.

Adhesive Dispense Equipment

Oct 26, 2001 | I am looking for opinions on inline adhesive dispense equipment. I am considering Creative Automati

Glue Dispense Process Control

Aug 10, 2001 | John, Instead of dispensing the adhesive, why not screen print the adhesive on the PCB? The depos

Loctite Adhesive Viscosity

May 14, 2001 | We have been running a product for the past several months using Loctite 3615 in our adhesive dispen

Adhesive Dispenser Vs. Screen Printing Adhesives Pros and Cons

Oct 3, 2000 | 1. Throughput * Dispenser: Slower, may loose 70% of tact on fast chip shooters * Printer: Can be pu

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