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High tin content @ Wavesolder

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 27 14:06:21 EST 2001 | kmorris

Oops......I said adding tin to adjust back to 63%....I meant adding lead.

Amtech LF/4300

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 11 18:51:54 EST 2006 | MFG CAVEMAN

I saw an ad for this stuff and it sounded too good to be true. Also wondering who has looked beyond the ad.

Ads Getting Piggy Again

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 13 15:27:09 EST 2007 | davef

Roland On the main Forum page, the ads in the right margin are back to their old piggyselves again. They've bloated themselves upto 2.5 inches wide from their former svelt 1.5 inches wide. Portion control and exercise, portion control and exercis

Manually Adding Paste at Screen Printer

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 11 13:04:38 EDT 2014 | emeto

paste should be 12-16mm in diameter. If your squeegee is the same size as your roll you shouldn't observe any difference for 15boards. Adding paste is important when you run hundreds and thousands of PSBs.

Sony SS-AD2 adhesive dispenser problem

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 30 06:05:06 EDT 2016 | kildor

Hi, I have a pcb loading problem with an SS-AD2 dispenser machine. Are there anybody, who has some experience with this machine ? If yes, then please contact with me, and i will write more details about the problem. Thanks. Kildor

Re: Vendor responses

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 21 08:49:27 EST 1999 | Dave F

| There seem to be a few vendors who respond to forum questions with "thinly cloaked" ads for their own products. I'm interested in how the users feel about this issue. | Rob: I agree that some responses are thinly cloaked ads for products. Other

Is it good or is it bad?

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 11 11:14:30 EDT 2008 | bkreiman

I agree that it should be a non-issue considering that the primary purpose of a solder joint is to electrically connect the lead to the board. However, there are some here that think these leads should be touched up because this part is a power jack

Added capibilites going from 7w to 20w, 355nm YAG laser

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 17 08:47:18 EST 2014 | cloughley

What are the added capabilites going from 7w to 20w, 355nm YAG laser I wanted to know what the added capabilities we now have are going from a 7w to 20w, 355nm YAG laser. Currently we support the following materials: http://www.bestlaser.net/mater

PCB finish

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 20 21:29:48 EST 2022 | stephendo

Copper gets etched in a photographic manner. ENIG is an additive process. Nickel gets added then gold gets added on top. Therefore it is not a matter of over etching. It is a matter of not enough gold added. The layer of gold ideally is as thin as po

What Will I See

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 18 10:21:54 EDT 2001 | bphilips

We are considering adding x-ray inspection equipment. What can I expect to see with X-ray?

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