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Infromation request from advantis users

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 28 12:06:48 EDT 2006 | yuceltemel

Dear SMTnet users, We will make incestment for a SMT Line in near future and the closest machine seems as Advantis AC30-AC72. For more information we are producing DVB's with 30.000 cmp including QFP208, uBGA and needed capacity is nearly 30.000

Infromation request from advantis users

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 31 10:15:33 EDT 2006 | Cmiller

We bought that combination about a year ago and it has been great!! Never been so happy with an SMT line. With both machines you may be able to hit 30,000 CPH but that really depends on your component mix, I would say it would be hard to get there. T

4790 replacement

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 22 15:22:26 EST 2007 | vickt

Rip, When you say you are looking at Universal, I assume you mean the AdVantis AC-30L? Why go with another aging chipshooter like the 4796 or CP6, when the AC-30L can supply higher throughput, similar # of feeder inputs, larger component range,

SMT equipment

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 22 11:55:26 EDT 2008 | wrongway

you might want to check out panasonic they can handle a lot of feeders on one machine and are fast We have universal advantis machines have had them for a year have'nt had any problems yet. have not had universal calibrate them yet still placing par

Universal Advantis - end user

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 14 12:22:35 EST 2005 | Dave Prosser

I just sold my 2 GSMs and purchase 2 new Advantis. The AC-30L is with the lightening head and a AX-72 which has a flex head and a flexjet. So I know the feeder situation very well and some of the advice you have received is not valid. Feel free to

Pick errors from Vishay reels

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 03 11:35:15 EST 2008 | wrongway

We have an ac30l advantis machine with a lighting head for about a year now we place a lot of 0603 parts some from vishay we are not seeing this problem yet

Fuji versus Mydata

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 02 16:56:37 EST 2007 | vickt

Mark, How about a "line booster" such as the Universal AdVantis AC30L? The Lightning head provides a huge boost in throughput for your existing line, while also adding to the component range. One solution is to put it in the middle of a line to retur

Universal Advantis platform

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 10 00:25:16 EST 2021 | ttheis

My company has a line with two GSM1 machines. We are planning a second line and considering the Advantis AC-72 or AC-30 models but I have a few questions I was hoping someone could chime in on. 1. Are the GSM feeders capable of being used on the Adv

Life Expectancy

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 15 02:34:17 EDT 2018 | directx995

@Reckless on GI14 machine, we have around 90k picks per week. About maintenance I rly can not say, since I'm head of programming and not maintenance. But as far as I know GI14 is rly complex just as @Comatose said, but it is much different then GC6

Unversal Advantis platform

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 11 00:40:46 EST 2021 | ttheis

We actually just moved to the Milwaukee area. We would consider that but I have a feeling it will be out of our budget at this point in time. I was offered an attractive price for an Advantis system which is why I am considering it. The AC-30 lightni

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