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Begenner advise

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 30 11:38:44 EST 2000 | Reno Cassar

I am electronic hobbyist, which has made a prototype for electronic lock. On showing this to a company they become greatly interested. All the Smt for the prototype were placed manually on the prototype. I would like to set up a line without any huma

Re: Beginner advise

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 30 21:23:44 EST 2000 | Dave F

Design more products and get wealthy. Don't waste your time and energy in areas that others are accomplished. A friend designs boards, sells $10M [what that is in euro, funny money, I don't know or care] of them a year, with a company of five [in

Re: Begenner advise

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 30 14:32:07 EST 2000 | Claude_Couture

Production of 50000, is this per year, per month, per week, what? As for your budget of 80000 Euro, that is no much to go on. For a basic SMT line, you need at least 1 paste printer, 1 placement machine and 1 reflow oven. If you have any through-hole

Re: Beginner advise

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 30 16:23:42 EST 2000 | Michael Parker

Hello Reno- Rather than capitalize with expensive equipment and spend a lot of time teaching yourself the right way to process, have you considered finding a Contract Manufacturer to help you? A good CM who specializes in New Product Introduction (N

Re: Begenner advise

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 30 23:12:22 EST 2000 | Cal

Reno- I also agree. Education and Introduction to SMT are issues we deal with on a daily basis. We have Three level of automated assembly equpiment that we use for prototyping, training, production, and R&D. We can set you up in our facility to run y

Contact System CS-400 E advise

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 17 08:23:56 EST 2003 | paul_bmc

Can anyone tell me the pro's and con's of Contact Systems CS-400 E semi auto Cut and Clinch machines. (1998 vintage)

Contact System CS-400 E advise

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 17 10:06:33 EST 2003 | Barney

Not a bad machine, However be carful. Contact is not doing well and support and spare parts may be a big issue in the near future

Contact System CS-400 E advise

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 17 10:43:12 EST 2003 | paul_bmc

Do you have any other suggestions for Semi Auto Cut and Clinch machines. Because of Contact Systems reputation I was leaning towards them, but I had no idea they we having problems.

Need advise on regarding Vias

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 13 00:48:33 EST 1999 | armin

Hi All I have a 0.7 mm diameter hole for vias, what�s the minimum annular ring for this hole diameter? What�s the term unsupported and supported holes refer to in IPC-2221 9.1.2 Annular Ring Requirements? I have a proto-type PCB (designed by our R&

Sir's can anyone help me..need advise

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 30 00:01:08 EDT 2011 | denmark

Sir's We encountering problem regarding HEATSEAL machine we have issue such as LEADFLOAT , OPEN, BRIDGE/SHORTED..can you help me by giving me some advise.. Badly needed you expertise on this...THANK YOU

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