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Fuji Flexa and Aegis w/ Circuitcam or Unicam w/Assembly Expert

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 26 15:44:25 EST 2004 | heatherc

If you are interested in references for the use of Aegis software with the Flexa interface, feel free to contact Aegis directly and they can supply that to you. Aegis HQ - 215-773-3571

Mycronic MY600 / Aegis Factory Logix

Electronics Forum | Sat Feb 01 21:49:06 EST 2020 | victorzubashev

Hi Tommy, Implementing Aegis Factory Logix right now. will keep you posted.

Programming Mydata

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 09 14:51:53 EST 2009 | jlawson

vPlan from Valor also is strong with Mydata, from general validated, scubbed, centroid corrected, rotation corrected outputs (same sort of times as mentioned with Aegis users to full optimistation part data generation on demand....(Aegis can not offe

Aegis Circuitcam 7.0 Manual and Mydata.mdb

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 01 05:05:40 EDT 2019 | robstevenson

I currently have Aegis CircuitCam Version I have corrupted the mydata.mdb Does anyone know where I can get the original copy that came with software as I am not on maintenance contract any more. Also does anyone have a pdf copy of the Aegis

Aegis Software Version 7.07.20

Electronics Forum | Wed May 08 06:16:14 EDT 2019 | robstevenson

I am looking for a download link for Aegis Software Version 7.07.20 which I think was the latest version. As had corrupt hard disk so lost installation files and I am not on Aegis Support Contract. I an not looking for a cracked version as I have a p

Wireless/Paperless Manufacturing Instructions. I.E. Aegis

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 04 11:25:09 EDT 2008 | grics

Hey! Thanks for the response... I was getting a little lonely out here. Anyways, it has absolutley noting to do with the quality of Aegis or Valor. I have actually heard nothing but great things. As a matter of fact, Aegis will be down tomorrow to

Camalot 1414 Adhesive Dispenser

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 15 09:09:09 EST 2007 | James

Newer 1414 machines can have X-Y data imported, but you'll need the Aegis CircuitCAM program. Contact Aegis at http://www.aiscorp.com

Wireless/Paperless Manufacturing Instructions. I.E. Aegis

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 04 02:19:28 EDT 2008 | ar

Hello I am curious: why do you not wish to use Valor or Aegis software? Is it just because of price or are there any other issues? rgds Ar

Production flow chart - Aegis

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 02 04:48:17 EDT 2017 | korak666

Hello, i want to create a production flow chart in Aegis NPI can someone direct me or send me a good flow chart he is working with. Thank you

Aegis Circuitcam 7.0 Manual and Mydata.mdb

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 25 16:25:14 EDT 2019 | robstevenson

Hi You wouldn't know where i could download the latest Aegis Circuitcam Suite V7.7 setup files.

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