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Conformal coating for 90% humidity

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 09 07:39:40 EDT 2005 | Slaine

we use humiseal for military a customer, in an aerosol can, gives good results

ESD considerations during Conformal Coating?

Electronics Forum | Thu May 28 16:10:07 EDT 2009 | operator

How does one keep a pcb safe from ESD when applying an aerosol conformal coating on a flat surface? Even if you had an ESD mat to place the pcb on it would quickly be coated. The only thing I can think of is an ionizer. Does not the aerosol create a


Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 13 11:49:50 EST 2003 | pbarton

Adam, Not had any experience of the stuff myself but a quick Google reveals that KF1280 is 'Vernis de Protection' (French for Protection Varnish), available in aerosol cans. try this link: http://www.gotronic.fr/catalog/circuits/aerosol2.htm Unless

Conformal coating application

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 30 14:00:47 EDT 2004 | blnorman

I'll third the motion for hand dipping the boards. One other idea is to get coating in a can. Many companies will supply coatings in aerosol cans for touch up and small usage.

Ink marking under conformal coating

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 02 10:44:14 EDT 2012 | mccabekev

We are applying a SR conformal coating via aerosol. Both permanent marker and paint pen are running as soon as the spray hits it

Ink marking under conformal coating

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 05 09:43:32 EDT 2012 | duso02

What is the specific make/model of the SR? Being in an aerosol, I'm sure they thin it down quite a bit so that thinner is what is attacking your ink.

Techspray 2108-12S

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 22 13:09:18 EST 2018 | tey422

I need an estimation of how many cans of Techspray 2108-12S, 12oz aerosol spray I need to coat 50 array panels of 5.25"x7" (2up)FAB for the conformal coating. Need the answer in a hurry.

Biral T&D and Threebond

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 19 13:39:51 EST 2009 | tedel

Yes, I called Fuji as well!! I guess we're all in the wrong buisness... Received a reply from Biral Lubricants in Norway, they state the following... "We have established our own warehouse in St.Petersburg, Florida and handle presently all inquirie

Rework Flux

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 04 12:50:23 EST 2002 | babe

Sorry for being late on the reply. Whatever you do, flux from the container or the manufacturers flux pens. Stick witht the same chemistry. Mixing chemistries, IE: different fluxes will create more problems in rework than you will see if you use the

Handsoldering/Rework Flux

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 18 12:13:50 EST 2004 | babe

my experience tells me you should have no problem. However please remove the flux residues from the board. Unless of course this is a product that is inexpensive and you don't care about degradation/flux migration etc. In example an electronic toy. T

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