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BGA Rework station

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 21 22:46:32 EST 2000 | Chryzs

Hi! Does anybody kow about a bga rework station that accurate and does the job (as possible) in one axis (no table moving after chip placing ... Something very accurate (I'm using a SRT Pinnacle 500 and it's not ok... NOT AT ALL) Thanks a lot! chry

Re: How to do with tombstoning for component '0402'

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 06 14:21:09 EST 2000 | Kevin

Masking thickness can also play a factor in tombstoning (or the Manhattan Effect). If the pad is 2 mils or more below the surface of the masking this can create a problem. Depending on the thickness of the solderpaste deposition, the solder height

Re: Wavesoldering

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 23 21:18:14 EDT 2000 | Dave F

Unlike components where the solder paste has been reflow soldered, wave soldered components have an "infinite" amount of solder available to make a solder connection. If you have good solder flow, pad and component termination size are going to be b

Re: cleaning solution to clean socket board.

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 23 14:05:08 EDT 2000 | Aokilab

Hi Soza: As Dave F mentioned, there are lot of factors involving the formation of residue, after cleaning. Factors, (such as: solvent's cleaning power, presence of metal oxides, type of soldering flux, etc...). One thing pretty sure, IPC is usually

X-Ray Analysis service ???

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 29 13:07:39 EDT 2000 | Stuart Adams

Can someone recommend a company that will X-Ray my boards and provide some analysis of the results ?? I just got a lot of assembled boards back with a large number of bad boards (after several sucessful runs by this assembly house) I am trying to f

Electrolytic caps for high temp reflow application

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 22 12:37:18 EDT 2000 | jonyoder

I am having problems with SMT electrolytic capacitors expanding and changing values after going through our reflow. The reflow profile we use includes temperatures of 200 deg C for 60 seconds and 230 deg C for 30 seconds. We need to use this profil

Re: Butt-joints

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 14 11:19:59 EDT 2000 | Brian W.

It really isn't that difficult to control. Have one of your mechanical or manufacturing engineers design a quick little fixture. We used to have the same problem, then we designed a two piece fixture out of aluminum. We also had our own tape and r

Re: PCB snap-offs

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 29 18:56:41 EDT 2000 | Campbell Livingston

One of the major problems with snap off's is heat from the wave weakens the joints. Try using more holes but smaller size. V-grooves may also be an option, but depth control is a problem as most are not NC machine controlled. Direction through the wa

Re: motion detector

Electronics Forum | Sun Aug 13 12:16:02 EDT 2000 | Arturo

I think you are talking about Infra Red motion detectors.Most of them are 4.5V. You can use a voltage regulator 7805 IC(5VDC Output) after your 12 or 9VDC supply. In case your detector requires a different supply voltage simply choose a 78XX(XX=Volt

2-sided Process

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 10 15:13:56 EDT 2000 | Mark Charlton

I know it's been brought up a thousand times before but after an hour of searching the archives I'm taking a short-cut. When processing one side of a double-sided assembly with adhesive, should the adhesive side be processed first or should "side" c

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