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problem with jot unloader

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 09 11:36:17 EDT 2013 | moussa

We have an unloader jot Automation : - NO:35036A-7.1 - code:J213-25.5/5 - SNO:10201646 0.4) The problem is that the PT control give an error message witch is : “No direct information is set! use the support tool to set the PT control area and PT

through hole today

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 10 10:17:18 EDT 2013 | gregp

Hi Reese, Thanks for the feedback. So you have a fair amount of assemblies that are new designs with 10% through hole parts. Are these parts inserted manually? What is the soldering process?...wave solder?...selective solder? Do these components

How to protect shrouded header when potting a PCBA

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 10 15:27:30 EDT 2013 | gbarb

I have a design that requires the PCBA to be potted. However I have a shrouded header on the board that I need access to. Is there a way to cover this header during the potting process and then removed the cover after the potting material has cured

Comparing a board image against gerbers

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 13 07:46:41 EDT 2013 | davlec

I think http://www.quins.de/Quins-ENGLISH/Software/QE_Software/Quins-easy-Software.html this might achieve what you are after, its a first article inspection machine costing IRO 8-10k Sterling. Unlike other FAI machines all it does is compare two ima

IPC 7530 section Regarding K type thermocouples

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 30 04:27:40 EDT 2013 | grahamcooper22

I am not sure what the IPC spec is suggesting....K type thermocouples are normally specified upto 1250 C, of course there is a tolerance in their accuracy and this probably degrades after hundreds of uses through a reflow oven, but normally the accur

Paste printing fine pitch components

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 14 10:53:28 EDT 2013 | emeto

0.5 if you use electroformed stencil or > 0.8 if you use laser cut. 2. Always use fresh paste 3. Uses the right printer parameters for your paste(for example Alpha likes fast release of the stencil from the board - in DEK this is called separation s

Through Hole Pad contamination

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 07 15:33:02 EST 2013 | mleber

Below are a few photos of an ongoing issue we are having with 1 pwb style. Some of the pads appear to have contamination that appears after the selective solder step. The joints are extremely hard to rework - almost impossible. We had the joints anal

Disposition on Discoloration of Boards post reflow

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 26 08:40:21 EST 2013 | vileo72

Hi , During one of NPI trial ,we found that boards ( CEM -1 grade )has got discolored on the masking portion ( and not on the conductors) after reflow .Although it does not impact our Form /Fit and Function characteristics , I would like to get your

solder paste height standard

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 08 08:20:52 EST 2014 | emeto

To most of our boards I give 20-30% tolerance in both directions. From experience if you have big aperture on your stencil, the squeegee will scoop certain amount of paste from this aperture and you will see lower height. Depending on your board supp

paste quality

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 11 09:01:54 EST 2014 | emeto

You should get your paste in ice(dry ice). Then you should keep it in a fridge. Many pastes now have 1month shelf life(after you take it out of the fridge). If you follow all the above, you might be having: 1. Lot problem - try different lots of you

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