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Re: Benefits/advantages of SMT to purchaser

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 08 11:17:14 EST 1998 | Richard

A potential purchaser of our products (switchmode power supplies for telecommunications) has asked what the benefits of SMT are to him. Our marketing people wish to obtain a list of the benefits of SMT to the purchaser of the end product. i.e. th

Placement Program Control

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 03 22:20:49 EDT 2001 | jbull

Dave, We archive programs as follows. Step1. Perform a successful first piece article Step2: Copy the Program to a password protects network drive. Step3: Run the program in production, from the local drive Step4: After the production run, delet

Machine Monitors

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 07 19:45:03 EDT 2001 | dougk

Here�s a nagging problem. We have several machines with old DOS-based interfaces (MPM printers, Electrovert ovens/waves, etc.). After some time, the monitors slowly fade-out due to over use (no screen blankers). We end-up ordering several new monitor

Solder Joint Strength on Fine Pitch

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 16 13:57:30 EDT 2001 | Hussman

Ouch! I thought that went away 12 years ago! Visual inspection to IPC standards should be used. Pulling and pushing leads is not even close to being consistent. I bet your customers or ISO auditors have never seen this practice. If they must pul

BGA placement accuracy

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 22 10:57:59 EDT 2001 | wbu

Hi Steven, BGA�s are known for their ability to self align and from own experiance they do. There�s enough documentation on this one available (...don�t have the links present like Dave but I�m sure he will give you enough to spend some evenings rea

Evaluating SMD Adhesives

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 27 15:37:15 EST 2001 | Dave G

I've seen some glass melf's fall off in our facility due to the glue not adhering to the body very well. You could pick these off with your finger after they had cured. (With little or no effort - I never bothered to actually measure the force requir

DPMO calc and Overall Manufacturing Index (OMI) calculations

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 28 12:05:42 EDT 2001 | mparker

The advantage of DPMO is that the numbers used are PPM, (Part Per Million), rather than percentage. Percentage can distort, depending on volume. For instance, 100 units processed, 25 defects found = 75 percent yield. 4 units processed, 1 defect found

15mil on a Contact 3AV

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 30 14:14:27 EDT 2001 | dougt

James Take a board with double sided tape and run it with all the other parts "shorted". Make sure that the part is being placed by the head/spindle that will be used during a full run. Inspect the part after it is placed and carefully remove it a

Possible to temporarily store mounted but not soldered PCB's?

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 03 16:51:58 EDT 2001 | edmentzer

We have stored PCB's in the refrigerator twice when our old pick and place died during production. One time the boards were in the frig for two days. I put the boards in a tray and covered the tray with plastic food wrap. We waited about two hours

Stainless Steel in wash system

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 20 01:13:05 EDT 2001 | Michael Konrad

Hi Dave, It may be. DI water alone will not build up residue. It can attack the finish of electro-polished (mirrored) stainless steel though. I have seen a white / chalky buildup on poly inline cleaners, usually isolated in the wash section. The

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